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Church of the Holy Cross

What to see in Moneglia, Genova, Liguria

Near the Church of the Holy Cross of Moneglia is also located the birthplace of the famous painter Luca Cambiaso. Today's church was built with a single nave in 1725 on the remains of a previous structure collapsed for unknown reasons. Preserves in the third altar on the right side a statue of the Immaculate, attributed to Anton Maria Maragliano, in the fourth altar on the left a Byzantine Crucifix and a canvas represents Our Lady of the Graces. The local painter Luca Cambiaso is instead worked on the Last Supper conserved in the sacristy.

In baroque style facade are visible in the right part two rings of the chain of the port of Pisa; according to historical sources these objects were subtracted, as a sort of "war trophy", by fellow countryman Trancheo tired in 1284 during the battle of Meloria between fleets genoese naval and Pisan and which saw victorious the first.

  • Via Felice Romani, 1, Moneglia (Genova)
  • Religious location

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april, 2024

Olive oil exhibition market

september, 2024

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

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