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Anita Garibaldi's Walk

What to see in Nervi, Genova, Liguria

Anita Garibaldi's Walk leaves from the marina of Nervi, from the mouth of the homonymous torrent, up to reach the ancient port of Capolungo, in Noli, with a total length of about 2 km. The walk is born from an ancient trail that, beginning about 1823, served to fishermen and farmers of the area to reach the fishing spots or agricultural land then bordering the sea. Given the impressive landscape, mainly delivered from the rocky and indented coast nerviese and the panorama of the Portofino promontory, in 1862 the Marquis Gaetano Gropallo did start the construction of a real sea promenade after a long project that initially divided the walk into two sections having regard to that in the center, the soil of part of the current walk, was still attached to the Villa Grimaldi Fassio, today part of the parks of nerves. The first portion connected the marina of nerves with the ancient tower Gropallo while the second stretch, built in 1872, linked via Serra Gropallo with Capolungo.

Until 20 April 1944 the walk was entitled "Princess of Piedmont", but during the Republic of Salò the prefectural Commissioner Antonio Canevaro drew up a change of name to "walk Xª Flottiglia MAS". The walk of the property of the Commune of Genoa that titled the 19 June 1945 Anita Garibaldi, wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi, is today destination choice by the Genoese citizens and attraction for its visitors. In the summer period is also the destination of many bathers and some fishermen who can access the sea thanks to access ladders (many today closed for security reasons) on the rocky coast which often form veritable natural swimming pools. Along the walk there are numerous local and some bathing establishments.

Gropallo Tower, anciently also known with the name of tower of hay for track of wet hay that was burned on the upper part of the tower to produce smoke and signalling dangers, takes its name from the Marquis Gaetano Gropallo creator of the walk that acquired it in the first half of the XIX century. The construction of the tower is dating back to the half of the sixteenth century and was part of the defensive system (comprising also the castle that in the western part of the promenade overlooking the area of Marina) built by the intensification of attacks by dei corsari Dragut, but over the years has been modified and restored several times. In 1936 the tower was purchased by the Municipality of Genoa, and subsequently hosted the headquarters for the Lega Navale Italiana and the section of the nerves of the Associazione Nazionale Alpini still present today.

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