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Mausoleum Of Obulacco

What to see in Sarsina, Forli Cesena, Emilia-Romagna

This is a cenotaph in form of a newsstand and pyramid-shaped spire erected in the I century b.c. by the son Oculatio in memory of his father Obulacco on the model of the famous Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The epigraph still perfectly readable recitation in fact: A(VLVS) MVRCIVS RCV(NII) F(ILIVS) PVP(INIA) OBVLACCVS (Aulo Murcio Obulacco, son of Annius, Pupinia tribe) The mausoleum of Obulacco is composed of three parts: the base, the central newsstand with the depiction of a door (funerary symbol to indicate the access to the world of the dead) and the pyramid-shaped spire topped by a capital and a fake cinerary urn with ornamental function (capital and cinerary urn, which carry the monument at the height of 8 meters and 92 cm, are faithful copies of their originals kept and exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Sarsina). The mausoleum was originally flanked by a sister monument, remained incomplete, belonged to the son of Obulacco, Oculatio.

  • Piazzale Antonio Gramsci, 35, Sarsina (Forli Cesena)
  • Monument /attraction

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