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Leonardian Museum

What to see in Vinci, Firenze, Tuscany

hosted in the two seats of the Palazzina Uzielli and of the Castle of the Counts Guidi, is one of the collected more spacious and original dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci architect, technologist and engineer and, more generally, to the history of the art of the Renaissance. They are in fact exposed over 60 models of machines, presented with precise references to splashes and the handwritten annotations of the artist, alongside digital animations and interactive applications. Palazzina Uzielli on the first floor are located the sections dedicated to the construction machinery, to textile technology and to mechanical clocks. The first room documents the leonardiane elaborations on the basis of projects of Filippo Brunelleschi for the construction of the cupola of the Duomo of Florence. The young Leonardo, apprentice at the studio of Verrocchio, remained deeply impressed by the complexity of the machines that the shipyard in which he was able to attend the steps of melting and installing the large ball of copper placed on the lantern of the cupola. The room of the textile technology documents the interest of Leonardo for the cycle of production of tissues and presents its ambitions projects to get to the automation of the manufacturing cycle. The Passion of the Vinciano for mechanisms is also evidenced in the hall of mechanical watches which has models of instruments for measuring. Inside the Palazzina Uzielli are also the halls for temporary exhibitions and a large hall didactics for the educational paths proposed by the museum. The castle of the Guidi Counts The visit continues inside the Castle of the Counts Guidi, where are exposed other 60 models of machines leonardesche. In the halls on the ground floor there are various models of machines: from military ones to those for the flight and scientific instruments. On the first floor, between models of machines to move into the air, water and on land - including the self-propelled cart or " Car" of Leonardo, inside the room of the Podestà, the great swinging wing and the working model in scale 1:2, the crane realized for the completion of the cusp of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Finally the hall of optics dedicated to Leonardo studies in the field of physics of light and with particular reference to the period that goes from Alhazen to Kepler. At the top of the tower there is the video room, equipped for the projection of documentaries on Leonardo, also welcomes 9 solid models designed for De Divina Proportione of Luca Pacioli. Schedules and information: Novembre-Febbraio: all days 9.30-18 (ticket closing hours 17.15 - Panoramic Terrace closed) : March-October: all days 9.30-19 (ticket closure 18.15) Christmas and New Year: hours 15-19 (ticket closure 18.15) Access panoramic terrace access is allowed to a maximum of 10 people simultaneously. The steps to reach the panoramic terrace are 124.

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