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St. Pardo's Cathedral

What to see in Larino, Campobasso, Molise

The St. Pardo's Cathedral of Larino dates back to the XIII century. In the XIV century were made the frescoes on the walls and pillars, portraying saints. To embellish the ceiling, left with trusses view, were made polychrome paintings. The XV century not interested the church for particular interventions, with the exception of the translation of the relics of St Pardo, arranged in an altar in the right aisle.

In the sixteenth century was built the bell tower, whose base, of the maestro Giovanni of Casalbore of Avellino, was built in 1451. In 1537 was added a fresco of the Annunciation to the left of the main entrance, in the inner part. The same century saw a strong presence of individuals who commissioned the interventions in the cathedral, many of which still exist, as several altars.

In the baroque age the share of the floor was raised, were made two windows that flanked the portal and were expanded those of the longitudinal body. The Nineteenth century was characterized by the rediscovery of the medieval architecture, which resulted in the development of architectural characters romanesque and gothic.

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Osteria del Borgo
The Osteria del Borgo is located in the historic center of Larino, in Molise.
Via Cluenzio, 44, Larino


october, 2024

San Pardo of Harvest

may, 2025
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Feast of San Pardo

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