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St. Martin's Church

What to see in Gargnano, Brescia, Lombardy

the parish church of San Martino in its current elliptical shape and dimension (m. 68,65 X m. 23,35), dates back to 1837 and is the work of the architect Brescian Rodolfo Vantini of Brescia. Previously, in the same place, stood perhaps a roman building sacred more ancient, it is assumed the sec XI. The facade is characterised by an atrium to sturdy colonnades. In origin within the Church had three naves and eight altars, while today it is reduced to a single nave and five are the altars.

The Last Supper, attributed to the school of the Veronese, other paintings of Giovanni Andrea Bertanza, by the Venetian Andrea Celesti, Gianbettino Cignaroli and works of the Lombard school of the XV century animate the Church. A few decades before the church is the elegant high bell tower, built in 1722. The component (1811) is, instead, work of the mantuan Luigi Montesanti; it was restored and modernised by Don Cesare Sora of Pontevico in the year 1906.

  • Religious location

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november, 2024

San Martino - Patron Saint

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