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St. Francis' Church

What to see in Gargnano, Brescia, Lombardy

the church was erected in 1289 by the Franciscan Friars, arrived in Gargnano for wish of the bishop of Brescia. The exterior retains its Romanesque, interpreted in the Franciscan way, i.e. in simple style and poor. On the facade, in the form of a hut, you note a votive statue (1301) portraying the image of Sant'Antonio da Padova.

The interior of the Church, which houses paintings by Giovanni Andrea Bertanza and Andrea Celesti, was originally divided into three naves, later demolished to be reduced to a single, probably between the XVII and the XVIII century. On the right side of the building is the Cloister of the ancient Franciscan convent. Built in the first half of the XIV century, it presents itself as a small courtyard with a square plan, surrounded by a portico with arches curved inwards of the Venetian setting, resting on the capitals of the columns cylindrical.

The cloister also preserves two ancient traces of Roman age, found in Gargnano: a plaque (found in 1837) is dedicated to Neptune, while a small ara Revino honors, local deity. Still in the cloister we can discern with surprise the coat of arms of fifteenth-century marble of the town of Gargnano, identified by the initials C.G.: Communitatis Gargnani.

The blazon represents a wolf rampant which takes between the paws a lily, surmounted by a crown upside down. In 1879 the convent became the property of the Company Lake Garda, which adapts to the warehouse of citrus fruit; only in 1912 the Italian government recognized Church national monument.

  • Via Roma, Gargnano (Brescia)
  • Religious location

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