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Ferrero Fieschi Palace

What to see in Masserano, Biella, Piedmont

the exterior simple and austere conceals the eyes of passing the preciousness of the interior, richly decorated: frescoed rooms, coffered ceilings decorated and stuccoes makes the palace a real palace, residence worthy of a royal family. Before its sale to the town of Masserano in 1867, the palace was the residence of the family of the Ferrero Fieschi, who built the palace between the end of the XVI century and the second half of the XVII century.

The first nucleus of the Palazzo, built by Claudia di Savoia Racconigi and the son Francesco Filiberto between the end of the XVI century and the beginning of the XVII century. In the first of four salt is today preserved the precious wooden altar of the Church of San Teonesto, transported here in the eighties of the twentieth century and the work of the sculptor Bartolomeo Tiberino d'Arona.

The second nucleus of the palace is constituted by the extensions wanted by the nephew of Claudia, the Prince Paolo Besso, and comprises: two boardrooms (the Hall of heroes and heroines and the Zodiac Hall) and three smaller rooms for more private in character (the Hall of the Aurora, the lounge of the Arts, likely study of the prince, and the Cabinet of the Alcove).

The stuccoes that adorn the frieze of the Zodiac Hall, must be put in relation with the decoration of the Gallery, which constitutes the third core of the edification of the palace, commissioned by Francesco Ludovico Ferrero Fieschi and Francesca Maria Cristina Simiana of Pianezza on the occasion of their marriage took place on 2 August 1660.

The model for this gallery consists of one of two galleries present a time in the Castello del Valentino in Turin and also the decorative stucco has considerable assonance, so much so that recent studies have attributed the stuccoes of Masserano to Giovan Luca Corbellino from Lugano, active in the same years just to Valentino.

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