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The Church of Sant'Anna of Renna

What to see in Locorotondo, Bari, Apulia, Valle d'Itria


At the base of the hill on which rises the village of Locorotondo, overlooking the track for Martina Franca (SS 172 dei Trulli), you note the church of Sant'Anna. It is the second church dedicated to Sant'Anna and differs from the other, which is located near the hospital, adding the appellative of its founders, reindeer. The reindeer family the erected at his own expense presumably toward the end of the XVII century in this site that the audiences of the seventeenth-century relate with the toponym of round stone and only beyond that began to locate the place such as Sant'Anna. The church is completely built in local stone and the times are rivestisti according the constructive logic of the roof to cummerse. The huge complex, you can get an idea by observing it from another,ranks on the road that runs along the walls; via Nardelli. From here you are able to clarify the complex structure. It distinguishes between the central body rectangular form on which stands out the bell gable. Laterally on the left intersect for perpendicular to the rectangular compartment other two compartments with cummerse crossed. These are the oldest parts. Instead the structure that is located on the right was added at a later time. This is compartments larger, designed on different levels with even a cant on terrace ending cummerse. These additions are partly justified by the function of hospitio that this church has played through centuries, being intended, given its location outside the walls, to accommodate the seriously ill. The entrance to the church is highlighted by a churchyard closed by a wall of the Cinta low. The portal is clamped by two jambs regent a trabeation with an inscription epigraphic showing the date 1711. The year in which the church underwent radical changes. On the entablature there is a newsstand lunetata empty. The interior is free of frescoes and decorations. But on the walls in stone, linked by the bolus, are visible traces of windows closed that suggest the various structural changes that the environment has suffered. The church has recently been restored and it was found the ancient splendour of calcareous stone that distinguishes it in every corner. From the church square you unravel various streets uphill, constituted mainly by steps, which crossing the terraces of the hillock of Locorotondo lead at the top in the heart of the ancient village. Soon will be the headquarters of a multimedia museum.

The church can be visited in the following opening hours: 7,30-12,30 17,00-20,00. 

Timetables June: Tuesday - Friday: 10-13 and 15-18 Saturday and Sunday: 10-13 and 17-20

  • Via Martina Franca, 124, Locorotondo (Bari)
  • 080 4313099
  • Religious location



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= distances as the crow flies
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