Rocca of Asolo - What to see in Asolo - Castles, churches, monuments and museums - the Rocca of Asolo, in Veneto, dominates the entire village.


Rocca of Asolo
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Rocca of Asolo

built on the summit of Mount Ricco that dominates the center of Asolo, the mighty structure a polygonal plan of nine unequal sides dates back to a period between the mid-end of the XII century and the beginning of the XIII. In walls, thick at the base about 4 m high and up to 15 m, do not open the slits or windows: only one door, already connected to the lower castle, gave access to upper stronghold of the defensive system of the city. From the bastions of the Fortress is now possible to enjoy a vision a bird's-eye and giro d'horizon: from the plain of the Po in the entire alpine surroundings. During clear days and with light conditions favor it sees clearly the lagoon of Venice.

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