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Hotel Sole - La Fenice. Yesterday, today.. but especially tomorrow

Monday 06 november 2017

Two among the most spectacular and historic hotels in Tremosine, their roots and their link with the territory.

Hotel Sole - La Fenice. Yesterday, today.. but especially tomorrow

Hotel Sole- La Fenice, situated in Borgo of Tremosine Lake Garda, in Lombardy, not only represent some of the best structures present on this territory but also represent a piece of local history, an important part of what we appreciate here today and which has had the capacity to innovate and remain current beautifully, with always looking to the future.

The history of the Hotel Sole begins in 1850: this is the first date on which it has a memory of the structure. And gradually becomes more crisp and enriched with stories and characters in the early decades of the 1900 When houses in front of the hotel are demolished to create one square (now Piazza Vittorio Veneto Vesio) large enough to ensure the maneuvers of the wagons of the Great War that went up to Passo Nota, important pin of the defense on the front as a neighbor with l’Austro-Hungarian Empire. It's still possible today to glimpse the remains in the masonry of the trenches, stalking in cave, fire barriers in cement and gun emplacements. Once completed the square, were planted some secular linden trees, which still today you drink the sun of the days of autumn and punctuate the small square from where you can enjoy a wonderful view on the valley up to the village of Pieve and then up to the lake. In the Thirties a fire then risks disappearing the hotel, inside which the local survivors are used as a base of operations during the Second World War, with the installation of a strategic radio bridge.

the fumes and the fires of war finally end and returns you to live, to think about tomorrow and to create the infrastructures required On resumption of Tremosine, with its green pastures and its mountains. It is precisely in this period that the foresight, creativity, commitment and capacity some large personality entrepreneurial lay the foundations to give Tremosine the face and the attraction that its territory offers today and it will do it again tomorrow. Immediately after the second world war were born, in fact, various tourist structures with hotels and restaurants to familiar conduction. In the years ’70 were built real tourist villages.
Approximately in the same years, an authentic precursor of all those good practices of ecosostenibility (today pursued loudly) and culture of biodiversity in his dairy introduces some advanced techniques, unthinkable for those years (as the assisted insemination of cows), and thanks to his work lays the foundations for developing agricultural and territorial unprecedented. The current Dairy Alpe del Garda embraces all farms present on the territory of Tremosine, valorising the typical local products of high quality.

In these years of changes and leaps forward in the development of Tremosine, in 1967 Ms Anna Maria and her family detect the Albergo Sole and give way to an activity that still today, fifty years accurate after, offers all visitors and tourists of Tremosine, lovers of the villages, nature and healthy foods on horseback between the lake and the mountains, a hospitalityà warm, genuine and familiar.

Hotel Sole

Strong of the experience of the Hotel Sun, In 1995 Anna Maria and her family open l’Hotel La Fenice, positioned in front of the Albergo Sole. Deliberately kept intact in its historical authenticity, with the cozy tables arranged placidly under the portico in front of the entrance of the hotel that dà on Via Monsignor Zanini (main artery of the small village of Vesio), here is the Hotel La Fenice, one of the structures more beautiful throughout the territory of Tremosine. In addition to the efforts and commitment to renew and maintain the authenticity of the Albergo Sole, which today is a structure from the ancient charm and modern together, equipped of all the comfort, the Hotel La Fenice also has a SPA Center, wellness area equipped and a swimming pool overlooking the valley. From here, in addition to a well-deserved and absolute relaxation, you can go to the discovery of the treasures enclosed in this spectacular plateau, as the valley of Bondo: an oasis of peace and nature, a natural gym for your activities in the open air and your desire for movement.

At the Hotel La Fenice is located, moreover, an excellent restaurant, the proposal for which there stuzzicherà surely the appetite with typical dishes of the local cuisine and the territory: game (as the excellent roe), the Local cheeses, lake fish, traditional flesh spit (whose preparation is remained the same as fifty years ago). A homely cuisine made with the products at kilometer zero and coming exclusively from the peasants of confidence, that Anna Maria knows from a life. The charm of Tremosine and its small villages scattered in this valley, on these mountains, on this breathtaking terrace overlooking Lake Garda lies precisely in this: they know each other from life. Is what you breathe when you walk along the streets and alleys, surrounded by the industrious tranquility of its inhabitants.

Like Anna Maria, this territory is made of simple people, but with a great love. love for their land and their territory, the woods, the contact with nature and animals, which give genuine products and dainty, because reared in respect and in the tradition handed down over the years and perhaps over the centuries. Love, but also a commitment and the will to continue to give value to things, to realize their lives and their projects and share them daily with the community, for growing together.

Before greeting Anna Maria wants to focus on this determination and this commitment, the foresight that as her only a few other entrepreuneurs in the recent history of Tremosine had, contributing with its activities to develop this territory and its distinct corners and precious. To think especially about tomorrow and leave something to the subsequent generations: a wonderful place where to live, a place from which escape it's not and it shouldn't be the only alternative, but where tucking sleeves is possible to continue to create something beautiful. Tucking sleeves always becauseé, as says Anna Maria, "nothing in life comes for free".


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