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e-borghi travel and Assoarte: when the combination is a masterpiece!

Tuesday 28 may 2019

Our digital magazine launches a column dedicated to the works of great artists who, with their creative talent, tell us about the world of villages and landscapes

e-borghi travel and Assoarte: when the combination is a masterpiece!

They say, almost unanimously, that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries from the artistic point of view. We Italians dare to say that our country, if it is not artistically the most beautiful in the world (we do not want to be presumptuous), little is missing. The beauty of the boot, from north to south, including the islands, is nestled in its traditions, preserved in turn in what are considered real precious jewels of the most authentic Italy: the ancient villages.

From this issue, e-borghi travel launches a column dedicated to art after having signed an agreement with Assoarte Artistic Activity Promotion. In our digital magazine, in fact, ample space will be dedicated to the splendid works of artists who with their talent will tell us about the world of villages and landscapes from a creative and allegorical point of view. Here we show you a couple you come taste.

Manzella Marco, Spiaggia

Spiaggia X - 2015 (Marco Manzella)

In the fourth issue of e-borghi travel art mixes with the sea and, through the sinuous movement of the waves, the brush gently paints the beauty of creation. This is the case of Mona Lisa Tina (Francavilla Fontana, 1977) with her Anthozoa (look at it on e-borghi travel 4who, at M.A.P. of Brindisi, proposes images that trace the myth according to which the marine plants are transformed into corals in contact with the blood of the Gorgon and the nymphs rush to adorn us. In short, art and mythology merge into a single masterpiece. The artist recreates the encounter between the subtle grace of the coral with the fierce horror of the Gorgon in the exhibition of herself, of her body, naked and transformed to activate a profound reaction in the observer.

Tina Mona Lisa, Anthozoa

(Tina Mona Lisa, Anthozoa)

In the number dedicated to the sea we also find the poetic island of Giuseppe de' Spagnolis (Sora, 1943), which unites sea waves and waves of music. A concept that returns in the artist's personal work The things of music (look at it on e-borghi travel 4) which represents the result of a mediation between things seen and heard during a total immersion in music. The consequence is soundscapes, representations of active and living lines, of simple movement and of more secondary lines that intertwine with all the rhythmic units of acoustic vibrations. A sensory relationship between surfaces and lines, whose intersection gives rise to geometric expressions. We wanted to celebrate de 'Spagnolis in our digital magazine together with three other prestigious artists, such as  Gamal Meleka (in the main pic above), Marco Manzella and Domenico Purificato. We invite you to browse e-borghi travel number 4 and discover the most evocative works in the next issues with us. And don't forget to use the hashtag #arteborghi.

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