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Corchiano says no to plastic

Thursday 11 april 2019

The "Plastic Free" project was presented in common, which from June 1st will ban the distribution of non-biodegradable material in a territory, the Viterbo area, which must return to breathe

Corchiano says no to plastic

Corchiano also says no to plastic. In fact, the new "Plastic Free" project was presented at the municipal council of the Lazio village in the province of Viterbo, in the presence of the vice mayor Pietro Pergentili. From June 1st, bags of non-biodegradable material will no longer be available. By next year, instead, plastic dishes with the same characteristic will be banned.

The measures, strongly desired by the citizens of Corchiano, will be accompanied by an awareness campaign to reduce and almost eliminate the consumption of a material that is devastating not only the country but also the surrounding territory, through the saving of natural resources, the good local practices, the protection of common goods, the differentiation, reduction and reuse of waste.

In recent years, unlucky, the enormous quantity of plastic waste produced, in particular the disposable ones, are having a devastating impact on the environment, such as to jeopardize the natural biological balance and the very health of the inhabitants, as by now the interference of plastics in the "food chain" is amply demonstrated. In Corchiano the battle has just begun. Our hope is that the beautiful medieval village of Viterbo will get rid of plastic and welcome more and more tourists, looking for nature and clean air.

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