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In Monteverde the first computerized stick for the visually impaired

Monday 08 april 2019

Il piccolo borgo irpino introdurrà uno strumento rivoluzionario, il primo in Europa, dotato di intelligenza artificiale che consente alle persone con accentuata difficoltà visiva di muoversi agevolmente anche negli spazi più stretti e impervi

In Monteverde the first computerized stick for the visually impaired

Great news, of fundamental importance, in Monteverde. An initiative that is not only tourism but also, and above all, social. The municipal administration of the Irpinia village, in fact, is experimenting with the smart computer stick for the visually impaired ("smart walking stick"), a revolutionary tool that, alongside the tactile-plantar paths, will allow tourists to move easily through the streets of the town. The experimentation of the itinerary will start on June 1st around the Monteverde Castle.

«Thanks to this experimentation, the Municipality of Monteverde has been selected for the"Matera 2019 Project - The open future of Italian companies" - announced the mayor Franco Ricciardi and the vice-mayor Antonio Vella - the maxi project of the construction of the village Accessible, created with the Itd Solution, has been selected as the best as an innovative start-up from the competition promoted by Confindustria and the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation. The technological solution, consisting of dedicated hardware, web and mobile app for content management, generation and integration aimed at the various forms of physical disability, independently and without companions for the use of the village of Monteverde, it was considered absolutely innovative».

Monteverde Castle

From June 18 to 24, in Matera, the Municipality of Monteverde and the Itd Solution will present what represents the first IT route in Europe. The project plans to equip the village with about thirty sticks, wired on the information and qualification of the place, to be delivered to visually impaired visitors. An idea that, we hope, turns out to be an example for many other Italian villages.


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