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Nervi and Camogli say no to smoking on the beach

Friday 29 march 2019

Next summer the two villages of the Ligurian Levant will apply some bans in the beach areas to improve air quality and prevent the butts from being thrown into the sea

 Nervi and Camogli say no to smoking on the beach

It will be a complicated summer for smokers on holiday in the Ligurian Levant. Several municipalities on the eastern coast of Liguria, including the villages of Nervi (pictured above) and Camogli, will impose a ban on smoking in the beach areas most frequented by tourists. "We will carry out a unique experimentation on the territory of the Municipality, to create a smoke-free coastline, at least in our town hall", declared the councilor of the Levante municipality Samuele Aiesi.

«This is a virtuous experimentation, which will start with the beginning of the summer season - the councilor explained - to give the opportunity to those who choose to spend their holidays by the sea to breathe clean air, without having to tolerate smoking of cigars or cigarettes. This already takes place in other Italian seaside resorts, where smoking is prohibited, except for equipped and delimited areas. This experimentation would make it possible to qualify the coast more and more as a destination of quality and would also allow reducing the environmental degradation caused by cigarette butts very often abandoned on the beach which then flow into the water. We are convinced that, with a little common sense and respect for the rules, the experimentation may subsequently extend to public parks, as is already the case in England or Canada».


Camogli (GE)

Also in Camogli, from June, it will be forbidden to smoke in certain areas of the country, to prevent the butts from being thrown or ending up in the sea. The areas involved are the San Fruttuoso landing stage, the Punta Chiappa cliff, the Camogli pier, the Giorgio pier and the harbor pier from the vault to the lighthouse. At the beach you can smoke, but the butts must be placed in the appropriate portable ashtrays. Councilor Tino Revello ensures that the number of ashtrays will also be increased. The urban police will be watching over, but also the coast guard and every responsible force. Smokers are warned.


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