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Hope returns to Amatrice: the 'red zone' is reopened

Monday 25 march 2019

31 months after the August 2016 earthquake, the Municipality of Reatino has made the historic center accessible again. And now the village also returns to tourism

 Hope returns to Amatrice: the 'red zone' is reopened

Amatrice's wounded heart is no longer off limits and returns to be more hopeful than ever. 31 months after the earthquake of 24 August 2016 (yes, three years have passed since the huge catastrophe that caused the death of 239 people), the Municipality of Reatino officially reopens the so-called "red zone", that is that part of the reduced country in rubble that from now on will be accessible again.

The decision was taken by the Single Inter-municipal Operative Center of Civil Protection which, after verifying the safety conditions of the historic center, until now forbidden to the public, has returned the reins of the village to the administration of Amatrice. We then thought the councilors of the Lazio Region at the Policies for reconstruction, Claudio Di Berardino, and at the Urban Planning, Massimiliano Valeriani to issue the happy news of the definitive cancellation.

«The work carried out by the Lazio Region in the aftermath of the earthquake guaranteed certain times in the management of the emergency and in the reconstruction phase - stated Di Berardino - The road is still long, but certainly the reopening of all the areas marks the achievement of a fundamental goal».


A goal that represents the starting point of a marvelous village that has cried, suffered and today it also tries to reappear to tourism thanks to the commitment and tenacity of those who decided to continue living in Amatrice, despite the trauma of the cataclysm, and of who made himself available to the amatricians to help them in a concrete way. Hope is the last to die. And Amatrice is more alive than ever.

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