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In Zungoli the houses cost one euro!

Wednesday 20 march 2019

In the small village of Campania the second call for tenders for the purchase of abandoned buildings was opened, after the success of the first list which was sold out last fall. If you also have some money to invest ...

 In Zungoli the houses cost one euro!

Check in your purse and, if you have a euro to invest, this is the right time to do it. In Zungoli, an ancient village of about a thousand inhabitants perched on the hills of Campania in the province of Avellino, the second notice was opened for the purchase of another case lot, after the first list drawn up last fall which was sold out in the within a few days. Yes, because the news already available on the market at the symbolic price of one euro have all been sold. And now the mayor of Zungoli Paolo Caruso has just announced, with great pride, the "sequel" of this operation that has a clear objective: to redevelop and repopulate the historic center of the country, saving it from the progressive state of abandonment and neglect of the last decades.

Naturally, those who take these properties must comply with certain obligations provided for in the contract of sale within the notice. The buyer, in fact, takes care of the notary fees and takes care of the bureaucratic process, therefore of the transfer and stacking. Furthermore, a surety policy must be stipulated, which will then be reimbursed.

In short, in reality a little more than one euro is required, but, given the great success of last year, it may prove to be well spent. The requests for the purchase of the second tranche are coming from all over Italy and abroad: Russians and Americans are leading the applications. Zungoli, therefore, is ready to throw open the doors to new inhabitants. And if you want to assure yourself a little house in this charming and unjustly overlooked village of Irpinia in the past, well ... look at how much change you have left in the purse.


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Restaurant Bevere Rosanna
Via Porta S. Anna, 79 - 83030 , Zungoli
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