The famous Borgo dei Borghi contest ended with the victory of Petralia Soprana, an enchanting municipality located inside the Madonie park, in Sicily


Petralia Soprana: the village of the Borghi autumn 2018
Mon, 26 Nov 2018

Petralia Soprana: the village of the Borghi autumn 2018

After the victory of the village of Ganci in 2014, of Montalbano Elicona in 2015 and Sambuca di Sicilia in 2016, the land of the Gattopardo, with a plush step, once again, climbs the podium peaks with another gem of the hinterland, winning with Petralia Soprana the title of Borgo dei Borghi autumn 2018.

This edition of the Il Borgo dei Borghi competition, an autumn spin-off linked to the Kilimanjaro television program, began with three groups per region, for a total of 60 villages, which were skimmed after the first voting phase, reducing the number of participants to 20: Petralia Soprana for Sicily, Lovere (Lombardia), Poppi (Toscana), Mezzano (Trentino), Bosa (Sardegna), Mel (Veneto), Guardiagrele (Abruzzo), Massa Martana (Umbria), Morano Calabro (Calabria), Garessio (Piemonte), Castelpetrosa (Molise), Acerenza (Basilicata), Avise (Valle d'Aosta), Subiaco (Lazio), Dozza (Emilia Romania), Otranto (Puglia), Moneglia (Liguria), Monteverde (Campania), Coriandolo (Marche) and Palmanova (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

For the final of Saturday, November 24, the candidates were divided into 4 groups of 5. The final vote was the result of the sum of the televoting and members of the jury deployed by Rai3, chaired by the art historian Philippe Daverio and composed by geologist Mario Tozzi, and TV presenter, Filippa Lagerbäck.

The first elimination phase was resolved with 4 finalist villages, one for each group, and the subsequent vote brought the Sicilian village, Petralia Soprana, into triumph.

Here is the ranking of the villages that have risen on the podium of the competition Borgo dei Borghi Autunno 2018:

1. Petralia Soprana (Sicily)

2. Subiaco (Lazio)

3. Mel (Veneto)

4. Guardiagrele (Abruzzo)

By Redazione

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