An event not to be missed on 7th, 14th and 21st of October in the city of the Golden Bronzes.


Presented the 23rd edition of the National Fair of Fine White Truffle of Pergola and Typical Products
Wed, 26 Sep 2018

Presented the 23rd edition of the National Fair of Fine White Truffle of Pergola and Typical Products

The presentation of the 23rd edition of the National Fair of the Fine White Truffle of Pergola and of the Typical Products, held in Rome at the Enit, national tourism agency, was an engaging event.

Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco Pregiato di Pergola e dei Prodotti Tipici

Headed by the mayor of Pergola, Francesco Baldelli, and the Director of Confcommercio of Pesaro Urbino, Amerigo Varotti, the event is a determining factor for local food and wine tourism.

- Truffle, typicality, territory, tourism are the 4 't' that distinguish this event in the world. There is a strong interest in the Italian food and wine offer; the truffle is the gold of the table. Thanks to this event the tourist opportunities of the area are increased - said Amerigo Varotti.

The event, which this year will be held in the Marches village on the 7th, 14th and 21st of October, boasts of respectable numbers: an area of over one kilometer for stands of exhibitors of quality typical products from all over Italy; 500 square meters of spaces for the sale of truffles; an area of 850 dedicated to concerts, events and shows; 190 square meters of Piazza del Gusto available to the best chefs.

- This is the first stage of the launch of our Fair at the Enit headquarters. A showcase of extraordinary prestige and importance that shows how the event has grown over the last 9 years, so as to transform Pergola into one of the main 'Italian Capitals' of the precious white truffle. An event that is so good for the tourist and economic development of the territory. It will be an edition full of novelties and, as always, we will focus on excellence and quality of products, against all kinds of sophistication, in the sign of respect for this unique product that gives us the land and respect for the visitor who comes to appreciate the quality and the precious Marche truffle. - these are the words of the Mayor Baldelli during the presentation of the event.

This is a very important event that finds its perfect space this 2018 "Year of Italian food" and during the Week of Italian cuisine in the world "as stated by Enit Executive Director Giovanni Bastianelli, welcoming the Mayor and the Director of the Confcommercio of Pesaro Urbino:

- The enogastronomy-territory binomial can characterize the tourist offer of less well-known localities, becoming, at the same time, a promotional tool able to represent and make these destinations competitive on the market. The activities related to the use of the territory, such as tasting local products, their purchase and participation in food and wine events, allow tourists to discover the excellence and typicality that make an attractive and unique place. The food and wine tourism, transversal to other tourism products, is able to activate synergies with the historical-artistic and landscape resources of the territory even when it is not the driving motive of the trip. The Fair of Pergola is well connected with the "2018 Year of Italian food" and with the "Week of Italian cuisine in the world" -

But it does not end here. During the days of October 13th and 14th, the Proloco of Pergola, also organizes the Camper Rally, confirming the town as a more and more friend of itinerant tourism and offering an interesting opportunity to participate in the kermesse dedicated to the most important food and wine specialties and to the discovery of the cultural and natural heritage of the Valcesano territory.

By Redazione

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