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Login is also available on SQUID, the innovative App that collects news from the best newspapers on the web

Wednesday 06 june 2018

Now you can read all news also on SQUID App, find out how it works and stay tuned about the villages you love!

Share  is also available on SQUID, the innovative App that collects news from the best newspapers on the web

To be even more close to the world of villages and to all those who love them, we are constantly looking for new ways to reach you easily, directly and in step with the times. For this reason the site of now employs a fundamental partner for sharing our contents dedicated to the villages.

SQUID App makes available the most relevant news, offering a wide range of categories, leaving to the users the possibility to select and create their own custom newsfeed, focused on images. This mobile app gathers news from the best newspapers on the web and allows users to take part in the recent events in the world and share them with friends or through social networks. What distinguishes further SQUID from all other news apps is an assortment of creative tools and functional features that make the reading experience fun and engaging.

SQUID App is free available in the UK, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Austria and Australia, with an international version and a Catalan one. The app has received very positive ratings both on Google Play Store and on Apple Store and it was selected as one of the Top 5 apps of 2017 from Androidworld (NL). It was proclaimed one of the 13 winners of the annual competition of start-up Italian GI Startup Contest 2017 of Confindustria. In May 2018 SQUID App has reached one million downloads on smartphones.

In this way you'll have a new and innovative modality to enjoy all the news and information about the villages you love and to go to the discovery of those you still don't know, thanks to content that we are going to achieve and divulgate, also thanks to SQUID App.

To learn more about, please visit or download it right now by clicking...

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You'll find our news under the Travel category in the next few days.

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