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Simone Scipioni is the seventh Italian Masterchef. With him also won his village: Montecosaro, Marche Region.

Monday 12 march 2018

With Simone Scipioni at Mastechef 7 Italy won also the Italian villages. First of all, his very own: Montecosaro, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

Simone Scipioni is the seventh Italian Masterchef. With him also won his village: Montecosaro,  Marche Region.

From last week is now official the victory of Simone Scipioni the latest seventh edition of Masterchef Italy. The student marches became the symbol of a whole region but especially of his village, Montecosaro (Macerata), one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.


Leaving aside the details of the competition between amateur chefs longer garlanded d'Italia just ended in absolute exclusive on pay tv with Sky, let us concentrate on the winner and especially on its hamlet: an occasion to discover the beauties of this little gem from the Marches that we could not absolutely miss.

Class 1996, born in Civitanova Marche, has always lived in the small village of Montecosaro, where he is going to remain. In fact his dream is to open a restaurant right here in the village, to emphasize further its origins and its link with the territory. Last March 9, immediately after the news of the, in part, unexpected but certainly deserved victory, the Municipality and the fellow countrymen of Simone have wished to celebrate very warmly, with a feast in his honor at the Teatro delle Logge del Borgo.

"Montecò will make me patron saint now, they will entitle me a street" had predicted Simone, long before the victory. And so it was. From the title of the menu with which it played the final (S=mc2, Simone=MC, as Montecosaro and as Masterchef, therefore to the square) and without ever losing its sympathy throughout the marches and its glossy and modest get in the game, has battutto all other competitors in the race.

Its cuisine, expression is of the traditions and of the link with the territory and the small world of his Montecosaro both of his personality from 'young old' (as Joe Bastianich called him), has enchanted and astonished judges and public with his expressive strength and its ability to get into the game, winning the title of seventh Italian Masterchef.

Congratulations Simone!

Together you have also won the Italian villages and before all your: Montecosaro.

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