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The Director Alessandro Genovesi chose Civita di Bagnoregio for his new film 'Matrimonio Italiano'

Wednesday 21 february 2018

On 1st of March will arrive in the Italian cinema 'Matrimonio Italiano' by Alessandro Genovesi, set in the village of Civita di Bagnoregio.

The Director Alessandro Genovesi chose Civita di Bagnoregio for his new film 'Matrimonio Italiano'

On 1st of March will be out the new film by Alessandro Genovesi 'Matrimonio Italiano', an italian comedy that surely will be sparkling and profound at the same time. Inspired by the Broadway musical 'My big gay italian wedding' by the Italian-American Anthony J. Wilkinson, the film also takes inspiration from what's happened in the Italian society with the recent law on civil unions. The new comedy by Genovesi in fact tells the story of the love between Paolo (Salvatore Esposito, Gomorra) and Antonio (Cristiano Caccamo), aspiring actors in Berlin, that after a period of cohabitation decide to marry. Things from the easiness of the German capital, become more complicated when the two lovers comes back to Italy to communicate the happy event to their families.

"Many people do the experience to leave a country - explains Alessandro Genovesi - to go to study or work abroad and today Berlin is in some way the London of fifteen years ago, a liberal and multiethnic city where everything is granted. There are no family references or from the people that they've seen us grow so to be free in a place like that is much more simple."

Paolo and Antonio decide to go first at Civita di Bagnoregio, where live the parents of the second: the mother Anna (Monica Guerritore) and the Father Roberto (Diego Abatantuono), progressive Mayor of the village that has made of reception and integration the strengths of its policy. The two 'promessi sposi', beyond that with the resistances of Antonio's father, will have to deal also with their respective mothers. For Paolo, Vincenza (Rosaria D'Urso), in Naples, has not taken well the homosexuality of her son and, despite the two lovers go by their own to bring her the wedding invitation, she has no intention to attend it. Antonio's mother, instead, is more that favorable to their marriage, as long as it will take place according to her rules. In fact it must be a more that traditional ceremony, even with an exclusive wedding planner (nothing less than Enzo Miccio, in the role of himself), held by her husband, mayor of the village, that he has no intention to do it and the Paolo's mother that can't be unattend it.

In addition to the fragile beauty of Civita, chosen and captured in moving images of this new film by the director Genovesi, another choice that will surely strike the audience is the choice of the actor Salvatore Esposito for the role of Paolo. After having won the television audience with the role of Genny Savastano in Gomorra, certainly his interpretation in Antonio's boyfriend clothes will be one of the biggest expectations of this movie, and not only by his fans. "I fought hard to convince producers and others that salvatore, apart from being an actor of talent, he would have been able to find the right approach to this character - explains the director - we have worked together on the history, also involving associations such as the one of Francesca Vecchioni, which defends the rights of IGBT persons because the risk, especially in comedies, is that joking might become offensive. And obviously it wasn't what we wanted. Salvatore it's been great because he totaly worked in subtraction, he has never had a vaguely effeminate gesture and is absolutely credible as Antonio's boyfriend".

From the 1st of March you can discover how's the wedding between Paolo e Antonio gonna be and you'll  admire in the movie scenes the timeless beauty of Civita di Bagnoregio. Here's the official trailer:

Image taken from the official trailer -


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