Thanks to the collaboration with Yallers, here are the photos of the oil routes we chose and published on our magazine in November 2017


Life through a camera: #viedellolio
Mon, 20 Nov 2017

Life through a camera: #viedellolio

What is interesting about photography is its ability to astonish: the merit of the photographer but also of the photographed object. Because the world, in photography, shows itself for what it is: of such an absolute manifestation that behind it the mask, the magic, the otherness transpires. The fascination for the image leads us to share with the Yallers community the passion of photography. With Yallers we begin a collaboration that translates into a series of 15-day monthly contest.

Every time we choose a theme and we will publish in the magazine the photos we liked the most. The theme of November was The Italian Way of Oil: here you see how our friends Yallers have beaten campaigns, crossed villages, dug olive trees, to give us their interpretation of that “golden thought” that accompanies oil from antiquity to today , from the mythical olive planted by Athena to the extra-virgin thread that nourishes and smells our bruschetta.

Colletorto (Campobasso), uliveto Santa Maria di Laureto. Foto di Salvatore Nasillo.

Colletorto (Campobasso), Photo of Salvatore Nasillo.
“The olive trees represent the strength and tenacity of the people of this land which are still not well known. Land that must be appreciated for its traditions and for its extra virgin olive oil, “explains the author.

Dievole (Siena). Foto di Veronica Sorace.

Dievole (Siena). Photo by Veronica Sorace.
“Close your eyes and reopen them between the olive trees and vineyards of the Tuscan hills. Our was not a dream, but the photographic path between the oil paths. Do as we do. Come here, taste typical Tuscan products, oil and wine all around. Do not you smell the perfume yet? “

Chieti. Foto di Gianluca Ciuccio.

Chieti. Photo by Gianluca Ciuccio.
“The month of October is one of the most beautiful, for its colors and for its fruits, like olives. My photo recalls the work, the sacrifices, but also the satisfaction of seeing this fruit that accompanies generations, turning into yellow gold. “

Cervo (Imperia). Foto di Daniela Pichetto.

Cervo (Imperia). Photo by Daniela Pichetto.
“Walking for the Cervo’s allerys in search of the oil of the Ligurian Ponente, I found this corner from the magical atmosphere from other times.”

Appignano (Macerata). Foto di Cristina Morettini.

Appignano (Macerata). Photo by Cristina Morettini.
“The harvest of olives begins in the fertile Marche region. Silent work accompanied only by a mild sunset from the sunset and its warm shades. “

In addition, from the contest we selected the following for the special on the oil routes:

Presso Orta Nova (Foggia). Foto Paolo Partipilo

Presso Orta Nova (Foggia). Photo by Paolo Partipilo.

Presso Villa Castelli (Brindisi). Foto Massimiliano Ricci

Presso Villa Castelli (Brindisi). Photo by Massimiliano Ricci.

By Redazione

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