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Journey to the harshest and most wild Sardinia: Barbagia

Thursday 26 october 2017

Discovering Barbagia: Sardinia with ancient, austere and beautiful traditions.

Journey to the harshest and most wild Sardinia: Barbagia

When you think about Sardinia, you can see blue sea and neverending summer. Traveling and knowing truly on this unique island, however, also means knowing the most austere shades, less crowded, private and steepland hinterland territories that preserve one of the oldest souls of the island: the most reserved, hard and moving beauty.

Today we bring you to Barbagia, a land of millennial traditions and timeless beauties. Barbagia is located between Nuoro and the newborn province of Ogliastra

Barbagia owes its name to the Romans, who called it Barbaria because it is difficult to conquer but hospitable and full of beauties to discover.
Towards the east we find the Supramonte Ogliastrino, a limestone plateau dominated by Mount Corrasi (1,463 m), extending in the territories of Olive Oil, Orgosolo, Dorgali, Bunei and Urzulei, beautifully natural and landscaped. This territory is naturally divided by two deep and jagged valleys, called "codules", which lead to the sea "hitting" the limestone walls of the coast: the result is a spectacular landscape characterized by gorges, cliffs and cliffs.

After having filled the natural wonders, we shift our attention to the human work: here are typical rural stone houses, cortes features, and craft workshops. Crafts are an extremely flourishing activity in Barbagia, especially in the Belvì and Aritzo countries, famous for carved chests and carpentry in general; leather goods are the main sector of Dorgali while Oliena is known for tailoring; the most precious copper pots and pans are instead from Barbagia di Seulo.

The Barbagia is a treasure to be discovered in the fall. Do not you believe it? We invite you to change your mind by participating
at Autumn in Barbagia, a holiday that has become a real institution and is held every year from September to December, involving many countries in the area. Numerous events and shows are organized in cortes, craft workshops and cellars.


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