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#estateneiborghi2017 - The winning photos and the interview to the winner of the Yallers contest

Tuesday 07 november 2017

The second photo contest of Yallers dedicated to the villages ended. Here are the winners of the summer season and the interview to the first ranked photographer

#estateneiborghi2017 - The winning photos and the interview to the winner of the Yallers contest

It is the year of the villages and Yallers did not give up to visit and promote these realities even in the summer season. Many pictures of villages have been tagged with the hashtag # estateneiborghi2017: the photos form a gallery of 7,500 posts, all to see and review to discover the Italian summer in the villages.

But which villages will be awarded the title of villages in summer 2017? This summer was the season of villages telling about their stories and traditions, the colors and nuances of Italian villages.

Ivan Baccaro - Burano

And here's the winner of the summer contest, bringing us into a really special and authentic atmosphere, telling us the world of the beautiful hamlet of Burano, one of the most colorful and characteristic villages in northern Italy. The picture of Ivan Baccaro, on Instagram @anthares87, depicts the people, and in particular the ladies sitting on their chairs carrying the richest tradition of action for Burano: embroidering the lace, a place symbol. The author described his shot as follows:

"Burano is not just the island with its pastel-colored houses and sun-lined cloths, but it is also the island that has become famous for the great work of its elderly ladies in lace making. In a warm, shady summer of their homes, work uninterruptedly to keep their name high. "

Pina Di Mauro - Manarola

The second winning photo is a shot that portrays a truly scenic village: Manarola, in Liguria. The author, @pinadimauro, told us:

"The main feature of this Ligurian hamlet is to have the houses, all colorful, suspended in the void, a truly spectacular view!" As soon as I saw it and photographed it I thought of the harmony of the colors it conveys to me."

Piergiorgio Tursini - Scanno

The third ranked is a really special village and a shot that we can call a little street. The picture was actually taken in the village of Scanno and Piergiorgio Tursini (on Instagram @piergiorgiotursini) tells about it this way:

"My parents were telling me like in Scanno, ladies every season were always dressed alike, with black skirt, black shirt and handkerchief in the head. So when I went to visit this beautiful village I sought those ladies and only when I was Going there I saw them sitting there, ready to be photographed, and that's how it started to shoot. I'm so glad you liked it and that a piece of Abruzzo is seen by so many people."

But now we have space for the first ranked of #estateneiborghi2017, hereafter her interview:

Hi Ivan, while complimenting for this victory. Have you been happy with this award?

Yes, I'm delighted and thank you. Especially because I care a lot in this shot, I'm fond of everything it says and how it was born. I was very surprised to win, thank you again.

Tell us a little bit about you...

Yes, I am from Puglia, namely Cisternino in the province of Brindisi and in life I am a bio oil producer, I graduated in management and sustainable development of Mediterranean rural systems at the Faculty of Agriculture in Bari. I have always had a direct relationship with the land and my dream is to open a farmhouse among the trulli.

When is your passion for photography born?

It is a great passion, born when I was very small. I started taking pictures of my first communion in which I was given the first camera, obviously analog. Then when I graduated I had a reflex and from there I started to photograph more passionately.

Looking at your Instagram gallery there is certainly much Italy, what is your favorite photo subject?

My favorite favorite is definitely landscapes. I try to immortalize that because they are rich in colors, they send me something. The urban contexts are more varied, the landscape gives me more possibilities. However, there are situations where I like to photograph in urban contexts such as villages.

Instead of thinking about villages? You are in Puglia but you have won with a village in northern Italy...

Certainly, alive surrounded by beautiful villages, I am in Cisternino in Puglia, in an area rich in beautiful villages, but as often happens it is more difficult to see and photograph the surrounding beauty. When you are in a place, it's harder to get excited because it's always going on, while making a trip and going to discover new places is different, you're more careful.

Why do Italians even like "go for villages" in summer?

Because the villages have contained a story in themselves, they have something else. If you go to the sea or the mountains are the most sensations I gather, while the villages speak for themselves, they have a story that is also told a simple road, a wall, a building. Then the beauty is that every village, from north to south is different. From us to the south are all whitewashed with lime, if you go to the center, in Umbria you will find different colors, different materials. They tell what was before and after, past and present. The villages are places to discover, more than the sea itself. For example in Puglia, the trulli, the white alleys that remind Greece, tourists love to get lost in these villages. People often prefer, even with the warmth, to see more characteristic villages than the sea, which can still be found in many other places. Especially foreigners are very attracted to these small realities all Italian. Certain characteristic places only find them here, they are unique.

What is the most striking thing about you when you visit these realities?

Certainly the traditions, we have for example baskets, find people who weave baskets with straw, in the case of Burano laces, in Murano glass, I strike people's courage to carry on these traditions. The happiest people usually stay in these villages, unlike young people who for study or work go elsewhere, and live these realities by constantly giving traditions, making them survive. It's really amazing the sense of belonging they have, beautiful!

Do you talk a bit more about this shot? How was it born?

It was an improvised photo, when you go to bed you are struck by live colors, flowers, beautiful lanes. I was also captured by all of these features, but at some point, looking across the river I was walking in front of this scene with ladies who worked lace, even in the summer. I immediately caught the moment when I realized what they were doing, following the country's tradition.

What hit you more in Burano?

What struck me is history, the fact that these colors have a reason deeply tied to the country, in fact the houses are all so colorful to allow fishermen who go home tired in the dark to recognize them immediately. Really fascinating.

What is the purpose of your travels?

I travel essentially to discover new places, discovering, living and photographing the local traditions. For example this summer before going to Burano I was in a beautiful hamlet, Borghetto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. I did not even know about her existence and it was a real surprise.

Should I recommend a village to visit for village lovers?

I recommend Orvieto, which is also the first village I photographed; Cisternino, my country, is a village I would really recommend, not because I live there, but because it preserves and is alive the authentic atmosphere of the village.

What role has Instagram played for you and what role does it have in promoting the territory?

Instagram for a photo enthusiast like me has certainly given a very important boost, especially in sharing the beauty of the land through photography but has also allowed people to meet with the same interests.

Two words about the Yallers project?

Well it's really a nice project, I really like it so much. I like all those projects that aim to meet people and Yallers does it right!

Thanks for the nice chat and we look forward to your beautiful photos even in the autumn season for #autunnoneiborghi2017!

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