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The partnership between Borghi Magazine and Yallers is born... and the villages are increasingly in the spotlight
Fri, 14 Jul 2017

The partnership between Borghi Magazine and Yallers is born... and the villages are increasingly in the spotlight

Sharing experiences and care and attention towards Italian territory to discover our country from every perspective: its landscapes, its cultural heritage, its culinary tradition and its customs. These are Borghi Magazine everyday goals, the most important and essential ones,which we try to pursue with passion and creativity.

Ourlove for territoriality and new relationships has made us known Yallers, a social promotion association that exhort people and travellers to break everyday routines andto be free to express themselves.  Yallers encourages everybody to live new experiences throught photography, by sharing mutual passions and by discovering new magical places, like some Italian villages.


Mibact has nominated 2017 “Year of Villages”, so Yallers has decided to create an Instagram profile, called Yallers.Borghi and to launch a contest articulated in 4 phases.

The first one was #PrimaveraNeiBorghi2017 which ended on June 21; then #EstateNeiBorghi2017, which will end on 21 September. Progressively there will be #AutumnNeiBorghi2017 and #WinterNeiBorghi2017. During this whole time Yallers has organized and will organize themed events.

Thanks to this contest the idea has come to blend our goals together, into an excitingand meaningful partnership.

Our jury will reward the best photos, which will be published on our digital channels and in our magazine.

The partnership with Yallers will continue through co-branding events to promote the beauty of our villages: a double concentration to give more emphasis to our beloved Italian excellence.

To know more visit Yallers Borghi.


  • Gift to St. George
    From 22-04-2019 To 23-04-2019 | Locorotondo (BA)
    Religious occurrences

    Add to calendar 2019-04-22 2019-04-23 Europe/Rome Gift to St. George Locorotondo

    Village of Locorotondo

  • Saint Rocco
    From 15-08-2019 To 17-08-2019 | Locorotondo (BA)
    Patronal parties

    Add to calendar 2019-08-15 2019-08-17 Europe/Rome Saint Rocco Patronal festival with pyrotechnic feast Locorotondo

    Patronal festival with pyrotechnic feast

    Village of Locorotondo

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