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Discover the Italy you didn't know

Saturday 30 april 2022

From the National Promotion Plan 2020 of the Ministry of Tourism arise a series of actions aimed at enhancing the territory between villages, slow and active tourism

Discover the Italy you didn't know

On the occasion of the eighteenth edition of “Fa’ La Cosa Giusta”, the fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, these days in Milan, the Italian regions have met to present the project “Discover the’ Italy that you did not know part of the National Promotion Plan 2020 of the Ministry of Tourism and which has as its central themes villages and Italian landscapes, slow tourism and active tourism.

This is astrategy for the joint promotion of Italian regions that is the result of a programme agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and the Commission for Tourism Policy – coordinated by the Abruzzo Region - of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, in collaboration with ENIT. A project that sees the involvement as leader of the Regions Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Marche each for the enhancement of a specific theme, with the Abruzzo responsible for aspects related to the interoperability with the Tourism Digital Hub.

A true and proper.

A real “Italian Journey” that winds for five months to transport tourists to discover the beauty of our territory. A wide range of action focused on the assets “Italian villages and landscapes, identities, style, quality of life” (leader Emilia Romagna); “Slow tourism: Caminos, enogastronomy, art, cultural heritage” (lead partner Umbria) and “Active tourism: biking, boating, nordic walking and outdoor activities for summer and winter’ (lead partner Marche).

The Italian regions are placed as an entityà unique, able to achieve a coordinated promotion unitary on the national market, strong knowledge of their territories in the aspects so far less known, in parallel with the promotion of the product Italy that ENIT realizes on international markets: all in constant and close connection with the Ministry of Tourism that exercises soì its coordinating functions. This is the first organic tourism project to be implemented jointly by all the institutions  

The campaign, coordinated by the Regions together with the reference agencies – APT Servizi Emilia-Romagna, Sviluppumbria S.p.A., Marche Cultura Foundation - has been conceived by Dilemma with the media strategy of The Gate Communication and is being developed on a articulated mix of media including web, press and radio with the production of various materials, some more generic and others more specific, capable of involving the territorial realities of all of Italy and their tourist offerings. In addition to this, a social strategy will be implemented.

But to further strengthen the product “Borghi” other activities” will be carried out in the coming months starting with a national and interactive map with textual information and graphic materials of 1000 villages and Italian landscapes. In addition, a digital communication format with iambassadors will be created, aimed at the main foreign markets and based on experiential tourism: 21 international “creators” (one for each region) will discover over 60 Italian villages, experiencing them as if they were "local", with the aim of telling the story of a 360° tourism offer made up of active, cultural, food and wine, slow, responsible and green tourism using only sustainable means of transport.

As for the other villages, the digital communication format will be created, aimed at the main foreign markets and based on experiential tourism.

In contrast to “slow tourism” the’accent è on what today the walks are: a growing trend that fills the’soul and allows you to explore certain places with awareness finding authenticityà and network of relationships. Will be created actions of co-marketing with realtà related to the world of food paying attention to the excellence of local food and wine. In field new initiatives of formation for the actors of the tourism. They will be valued paths and routes with a careful eye to the target such as families.
The objective is the promotion of the product "Cammini d’ Italia" with a clear and unified line of communication but at the same time enhancing the regional peculiarities.

But Italy is also an opportunity to live it actively. The idea is to propose it in an outdoor key in order to enhance some of the sports activities that can be practiced at the level of naturalistic/experiential tourism, emphasizing the offer of all territories, and promoting, where possible, the enhancement of a homogeneous interregional network through routes as continuous as possible, which tend to create a unique journey.

The’attention will beà mainly turned to 3 products:

The ways of the Sea. Enhance the’Italy seen from the sea through itineraries and interregional nautical routes, connecting various ports and tourist ports of call, to discover the cultural, tourist and gastronomic excellence of the coastal hinterland. Nautical tourism finally becomes a tourist segment.

The ways of the Bike. Systematize territorial and interregional routes with a series of services designed specifically for their needs.

The ways of the Bike.

The Nordic Walking Routes. Construction of a network of unique routes that touch all regions to cross in modalità Nordic walking.

This “Viaggio Italiano” è is a project that in the coming months will see its contents flow into TDH - Tourism Digital Hub managed by ENIT. An action to enhance this national tool and that has the objective of significantly increasing the notoriety of the Italy brand; becoming more and more attractive for every type of tourist market. In addition, this will also allow to systematize in a single digital collection of the national offer, the great wealth of work done so far by the individual regions with respect to their territories.

By Ufficio stampa - The Gate Communication

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