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Soave wins the title of Borgo dei Borghi 2022

Wednesday 20 april 2022

Elected "Village of Villages 2022", Soave is the first village in Veneto to win the prestigious award

Soave wins the title of Borgo dei Borghi 2022

The ninth edition of the television program "Il Borgo dei Borghi" on Rai 3, conducted by Camila Raznovich, ended with the victory of Soave, elected "Borgo dei Borghi 2022".

After the villages of Millesimo, in the province of Savona, and Castelfranco Piandiscò, in the province of Arezzo, Soave is also the first village in Veneto to win this prestigious award.
The town is a small medieval village in the province of Verona, located at the foot of Monti Lessini, surrounded by some of the most evocative and flourishing vineyards of the country. The walls of the Scaliger Castle which overlooks it, make this village a jewel more unique than rare.

The victory of the prestigious title was also commented by the president of Veneto Region, who said he was proud the title arrived for the first time in his region. After congratulating the members of the municipal administration, he also stated that Soave's victory is a concrete sign of the beauty and richness of the landscape and culture of the Veneto, which is in fact the first region in Italy for the presence of tourists. Even the Tourism Councillor of Veneto said he was proud and honored, remembering the beauty of Soave and especially the production of the renowned Soave DOC wine, a regional excellence to all intents and purposes.

Now we just have to go and visit this wonderful village and enjoy its beauties.

Castello Scaligero di Soave

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