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The photographer in you, the Tuscany in us

Monday 01 june 2020

Participate in the photo contest #eborghi and #myTuscany from 10 June to 10 July 2020 with the most exciting shots of the villages of Tuscany

The photographer in you, the Tuscany in us

Do you always have your cell phone in your hand and love to take a thousand pictures of everything that strikes, amazes and seduces you? Or are you a thoughtful photographer who prefers to use a camera, take your time choosing lenses, looking for the best composition and framing? Either way, you're the right person.

Why is that? To participate in the first big photo contest that e-borghi, launches to all lovers of photography and, in this case, of Tuscany!

What will you have to do to participate in the contest? It's very simple: take a photo that best represents your vision and your idea on one of these themes or, if you like the adrenaline of the challenge, on all three:

  • Romantic Tuscany
  • Slow Tuscany
  • Tuscany nature and outdoor

After taking the photo, share it on your Instagram and/or Facebook social profiles, with the hashtags #eborghi and #myTuscany and, on Facebook tagging our FB page, without forgetting the georeferencing to define exactly where you are, with the precise name in the form of hashtag (for example #SanGimignano).

Add also a comment that describes the image and your emotions: in fact you are the protagonist, no less than the panoramas or glimpses that you will photograph, to capture the beauty during your journey through the most beautiful villages in Tuscany.

Warning: we have written "most beautiful villages" not by chance, because the photos should only and exclusively depict villages, small towns, villages, countryside and landscapes that will most impress your imagination and your sensitivity as an attentive traveler, open to everything beautiful and unique will show the eyes and heart of Tuscany.

How does the contest work and how long does it last? The contest starts on June 10 and ends on July 10, 2020. During this period every day our editorial staff will publish 2 photos on our social profiles, selected among those you have posted. Remember that to participate in the contest it is essential that the photos you post have the hashtag #eborghi and #myTuscany, the theme and the location. Participation in the contest is free to everyone (amateur, amateur or expert photographers) and free of charge.

Do you win something? Of course! Like any self-respecting competition, there are prizes and they are very interesting. Three weekends for two people in a village for the three photos that will be the winners of the three themes assigned. And that's not all: the photo that will receive the most votes will be published on the front cover of an issue of the online magazine e-borghi travel! The winning photos will be announced on the August-September issue of e-borghi travel magazine, on the e-borghi portal and on all the social channels of the e-borghi circuit.

Other photos, selected by the editorial staff and representatives of the tourism promotion of Tuscany, will be published in an editorial service dedicated to the destination.

Is everything clear? We hope so, for any further details and for the complete regulations click here.

And now off! Whether you have the touch of the street photographer who captures the fleeting moment in everyday life and shares everything immediately on social networks, or you prefer long, elaborate poses, start immediately to capture the most photogenic region of Italy! Unleash your imagination, free the artist in you or activate the curious reporter and globe trotter you've always wanted to be!

We want to flood the socials with our hashtags, we want Tuscany to bounce more and more virally through the web, we want everyone to see the wonders of a region that you never stop knowing and appreciating in all its infinite shades of colors, lights, flavors and fragrances.

See you soon then and... we are waiting for your photos! The winner could be you!

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