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e-borghi travel 9, Craftmanship e-borghi

Human wit and creativity. Passion and uniqueness. The tradition that goes hand-in-hand with the innovation while the outlook towards the future looks back at its past and renews itself in the present. This is Italy and its handicraft, the protagonist of this issue of e-borghi travel: there are the old techniques and the manual skills that enable to make unique works that represent the territories they belong to and they are worth a whole holiday. It’s a travel around the most genuine villages of our beautiful country along with a daily dialogue between the creativity and its implementation. We started with Veneto: a tapestry of landscapes that looks like a wonderful fabric of handicraft mastery. Then we moved to Lazio, a region featured by many different facets, wrapped around the majesty of Rome and also spotted with tiny villages that keep the craftsmanship in their dna. Then we went through the very ancient origins of the goldsmith’s art of Calabria: precious jewels that hide symbolic meanings and represent archaic glows. The soft velvet from the village of Ala in Trentino is a tactile charm, it’s an ancient tradition as well as the shiny blades from Frosolone in Molise or the “pajarole” from Acquaviva Picena in the Marche that tell the story of the skilled hands of the weavers who make the straw and willow baskets. It’s not just the charm of imagination, it’s the discovery of real objects that are spread all over the country, including the islands. It’s the incredible “made-in-Italy”, a heritage that is appreciated worldwide. It’s the art of craftsmanship which is passed on from generation to generation, the expression of excellence that inspires our admiration and quite often even our emulation. Since «The mediocre teacher teaches. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires». This is Socrates’ word.

Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Publishing coordinator
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