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e-borghi travel 8, Taste and villages

The Italy of villages is Epicurean, always leaning towards the pleasures of life and getting along the sensory routes where the taste is the protagonist like a flag of tastes and knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation. The food and the wine represent the heritage of our country, it must be carefully kept, highlighted, told and tasted. This issue of e-borghi travel is a journey to discover the best villages and areas together with their unique traditions starting with Veneto and its beautiful tapestry of places that are perfectly set at every latitude and longitude with plenty of delicacies to taste, a rhapsody of starred-chef menus. Then we’ll move to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a border patchwork of recipes that are strictly connected with their landscapes and climate. The delicate Dop San Daniele ham with its strong aftertaste is made here. If we go South we’ll reach the area of the plains that go up towards the Apennines then we’ll lead you to the eight villages in the province of Modena belonging to the “Unione Terre dei Castelli” (League of the land of Castles), with its compelling claim “Live, discover, taste”: we dedicated an insight to Vignola, its red cherries, the Bacchus’ soldiers and the balsamic vinegar. Then we’ll reach the villages of rice through the melancholic countryside spread with canals and rice fields. Afterwards we’ll land on the truffles areas and we’ll be charmed by their wide range of colours, from the white to the black and the cream coloured shades that turn into brown. Then it’s the beer’s turn: lager, red or stout? Our issue will disclose the tasty flavoured ones with their after-taste of artichoke or the Igp radicchio. The deep yellow is the leitmotif of “Zafferiamo”, the famous festival that is held in Città della Pieve that is dedicated to this yellow gold and finally you’ll bump into the bergamot from Calabria and last but not least  a rainbow of light will cover the articles and the columns dedicated to the legends and the curiosities related to the good food. We’ll cross the borders too and we’ll reach China and its balance between the ying and the yang foods. This issue dedicated to the tastes of Italy is a coffer of ideas and insights to give you hints for spending nice week-ends and tasty holidays by matching the beauty and the tastes. Since “whatever is good is beautiful too” as Plato used to write in his “Timaeus”

Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Publishing coordinator

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