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e-borghi travel 6, Lakes and villages

Lakes are deep and intimate, their truth is mirrored  and they’re plunged in their own longing. They sound still and they are sometimes so wide that you can’t even see their borders. It’s a game of shores that vibrates together with their villages and territories thus creating a unique mosaic. This is the spirit of this issue of e-borghi travel which is entirely dedicated to the lakes and the destinations they are set in, they are the icon of a deep unknown charm and much more. The unknown captivates our attention and it becomes the leitmotif of the travels at the discovery of these lakes starting with lake Iseo in Lombardy which is intimate and elegant and it’s spread with beautiful houses overlooking the water and a diva as protagonist, Monte Isola, the biggest lake island of Italy which stands out in the middle. Cars are forbidden here and after you have reached this destination by ferry you must discover it slowly to feel all its charm. Now let’s move towards the centre of Italy to reach Umbria and one of its most precious jewels, lake Trasimeno: a blue heartbeat surrounded by the green, featured by an amazing natural hillside amphitheatre spread with ancient Medieval villages. Castiglione del Lago, Città della Pieve, Passignano and Piegaro are some of the main unmissable pit stops in this area. Let’s reach the South of Italy and let’s stop in Pugliato to discover a new facet of this region. It’s not the typical landscape of the white houses, the olive groves and the Baroque style but it’s lake Lesina where the nature matches the silence, the time flows slowly compared with the nearby Adriatic coastline and the shores are filled with poetry. Lakes give us a sustainable slow pace and beyond the borders let’s stop in Finland featured by its picturesque villages along the Baltic coastline and  reach Lapland. It’s a natural and human network that comes out of the novel “Resto qui” (I’ll stay here) by Marco Balzano, the winner of the literary prize Rigoni Stern 2019: it’s the deep history of Italy and its villages that comes to the surface again to add further insights to our contemporary society. The same goes for the art, Stendhal used to state in  1817 «Nothing in the world can be compared with the days spent by the lake surrounded by the forests, they are so green and it sounds their branches are plunged into the water». Here are the lakes now and then: unique little universes, the mirror where the dance of life is reflected.

Luciana Francesca Rebonato
Publishing Director

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