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e-borghi travel 10, Cinema and villages: Craco, lively rocks

On this rocky sour of Lucania the skyline looks like a wave of hills and valleys. The Norman tower overlooks the stone houses that are perched on the rocks while the wind is blowing and shaping the silence. Craco is a ghost village, a charming destination in the area of Matera where time has the scent of the past and it sounds being on a western movie set. It was a settlement of monks in the 10th century during Frederik II reign then it became an important strategic military area. It also became a university city in 1276 then the banditry changed its destiny and it started to be plundered during the Napoleonic period and it became the centre of many crimes. The devastating landslide of 1963 deeply marked the history of this village since the people had to leave and move towards the valley. It was the starting of a new historical period for this peculiar village of Basilicata that now looks like a Medieval sculpture surrounded by gorges and canyons.

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