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Arbatax becomes a 'red-light' show

Wednesday 20 march 2019

From next summer the famous Red Rocks will be illuminated by a led system that will make one of the naturalistic symbols of Ogliastra and Sardinia even more impressive

 Arbatax becomes a 'red-light' show

Arbatax with red lights. No, this is not a hard film, but the original lighting project that will give further prestige to the famous Rocce Rosse and that will see - it is appropriate to say - the light by summer. The Sardinia Region, in fact, has given the green light to the completion of the works, to the delight of the inhabitants of the Ogliastra village and of all the Sardinians.

The Municipality of Tortolì, of which Arbatax is a fraction, had submitted to the regional administration a proposal to change the plant in order to secure the last 35 meters of the rocky ridge. The niche, made with local stones, will include six led headlights to illuminate what is considered the symbol of Ogliastra. And, to avoid any vandalism, there is a metal grid that will protect the entire rock. The tender for the tender will most likely start in April: after the long period of impasse, there is no hurry to close the "construction site" because the high tourist season is around the corner.

Rocce rosse di Arbatax

The Red Rocks are a true spectacle of nature. Walking through the port of Arbatax or arriving by sea, it is impossible not to notice the gray porphyry cliffs that emerge from the waves and the majestic block of scarlet granite that, at sunset, seems to catch fire. Here the final scene of the film Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny was set, directed in 1974 by Lina Wertmüller. And we are sure that other directors will choose the Red Rocks as a set of their films. Moreover, from now on, the installation of reflectors is included in the overviwew.


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