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5 unmissable villages for their Christmas Markets 2018

Friday 09 november 2018

The evocative atmosphere of the villages animated by the Christmas markets during Advent 2018: stalls with decorations for the tree and the crib, typical crafts, food and wine specialties and gifts for the whole family

5 unmissable villages for their Christmas Markets 2018

5 villages to immerse yourself in the fairytale atmosphere of the Christmas Markets: soft lights, toys and gifts, decorations and gifts while the Christmas melodies are released in the air accompanied by the spicy scent of mulled wine

Advent is the most evocative period of the year, one in which the villages seem like miniature nativity scenes and there is no age limit to get excited. There are many Italian fairytale villages dotted with wooden houses or colored stands: we offer you 5 really unmissable for this Christmas 2018.

1. Rango Christmas Markets (Trento)

Mercatini di Natale a Rango

In the village of Rango the Christmas Markets are pure magic, with Christmas music that spreads along the streets of the village and Santa Lucia waiting for the children. A few kilometers from Lake Garda, from the Baths of Comano and from Madonna di Campiglio, Rango is a small jewel-village set among the mountains, a handful of carefully conserved houses connected by hallways, porticoes and narrow alleys of atmosphere. In Rango, the Christmas markets come to life in the old farmhouses, exceptionally open for the occasion. In the cellars, in the old stalls, under the arcades and attics, stands stalls full of typical products and local crafts. Do not miss the traditional "osterie" with the gastronomic delicacies of the Trentino rural tradition.

2. Christmas markets in  Ricetto di Candelo (Biella)

Ricetto di Candelo

Time has stopped, in Ricetto di Candelo in the province of Biella. The village is a jewel, one of the best preserved examples of ricetto, a type of medieval structure present in various Piedmontese locations. At high suggestive power, the shelter is usually a fortified structure within a village and the Ricetto di Candelo is an extraordinary icon with breathtaking views over the entire territory of the Biella Alps in the north and, in a southerly direction, on the Baraggione. On the occasion of Christmas, the village comes alive and its "Mercatino al Ricetto" intrigues adults and children welcoming them in the characteristic streets of the village. The program includes music and events dedicated to the whole family.

3. Christmas markets in Bard (Aosta)


Advent is a great time to visit the village of Bard and its beautiful fortress, dating back to the early nineteenth century. To get to the top of the fortress, just go to the panoramic glass lifts that from the village of Bard - at the foot of the Fort - allow access to the various bodies of the Fort. Christmas, here, is special, with many initiatives for the whole family and for the entire holiday season, thanks to the evocative "Christmas Markets of Bard" positioned along the streets of the village with many stalls full of typical products, hobby and items for original gift ideas. Games of light and cribs contribute to create a suggestive Christmas atmosphere.

4. Christmas markets in Vipiteno (Bolzano)


The Torre delle Dodici, which stands out in the main square of the town, serves as a backdrop to the Vipiteno Christmas markets. The streets of the old village during Advent are enlivened by lights and colors while craftsmanship triumphs with the nativity scene made up of statues made entirely by hand. And Christmas Markets in Vipiteno also means a carriage ride around the village, appreciating the delicious typical gastronomic specialties such as speck or hot apple juice, while the scent of firs infuses magic. A dive into the emotions and the banner of environmental protection: in fact, for some years now, the Christmas market in Vipiteno is certified "Green event".

5. Christmas Market in Montepulciano (Siena)


It is perched in the hills of the province of Siena, Montepulciano, and is a village that reveals many surprises during Advent. There are about eighty wooden houses that dot the streets of the village, where every year with the Advent the magic lights of "Natale di Montepulciano" light up. A fairytale atmosphere that pervades the entire old town and allows you to visit one of the largest Christmas markets in Tuscany and with a treat, the "castle of Santa Claus". An opportunity to stay with your family, browsing through the stalls of the markets that are overflowing with proposals for Christmas and gifts. In addition, the local food and wine excellences to be tasted in the secular cellars of the village should not be missed.


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