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Trip to the Mocheni Valley, an enchanted place in Trentino-Alto Adige

Tuesday 10 january 2023

Let's discover the Valley of the Mochens, also called the Enchanted Valley. A place with a unique charm, in the heart of Trentino Alto Adige.

Trip to the Mocheni Valley, an enchanted place in Trentino-Alto Adige


At Just 20 kilometers from Trento, near Canale di Tenno and Mezzano villages there is a valley of timeless charm, called "enchanted" by Austrian author Robert Musil. The Valley of the Mocheni is a wild and evocative environment that will surprise you for its colors, the richness of its fauna with its unique colors, which make it the perfect destination especially in autumn when the foliage is ocher and red each thing.

Culturally speaking, this valley has an absolutely unique history, being a linguistic island in its own right: the culture and traditions of its inhabitants come from Germany. This community moved to these places in the Middle Ages, attracted by gold mines, pyrite and quartz. The legends born of the arrival of this German minority are so many, and they are indissolubly tied to the history of this people. We recommend that you visit the Museum of the Valle dei Mòcheni / Bernstol and the exhausted mine of Palù / Palai, where you can still see the signs left by knappen (miners) who worked there.

Have we intrigued enough enough? You just have to discover the enchanted valley firsthand. Do not miss the wonderful landscape of Valsugana, enjoying from the top of Palù del Fersina, and Lake Erdemolo, at 2,000 meters, reachable in about 2 hours of walking.

Another great reason to visit these places is certainly the peculiarity of the events all year round: among the best-known and institutional ones, surely the Star Singing in the Christmas period and the Bètsche performance on the last Carnival Day.

Do not know where to stay? No problem: there are plenty of huts available, spread among the masses, typical dwellings of the place. Do not miss the Fierozzo farm, Maso Filzerhof: an original Moenchen residence dating back to 1400. Also visit the old Frassulongo / Garait water mill.

Masi tipici della Valle dei Mocheni
Ph. u_k0gim973ql/Pixabay

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