The creaking of dry leaves under our feet, the warm and enveloping colors, the scent of the earth and the temperatures: perfect for walking. Live the walks in the autumn foliage!


Foliage, what a passion. The Umbrian forest, a few kilometers from Vieste and Vico del Gragano.

Foliage, what a passion. The Umbrian forest, a few kilometers from Vieste and Vico del Gragano.

One of the best things of the autumn season is the colors of the surrounding nature: ocher, vibrant reds and many orange shades that embrace the ever-green, letting them swirl in the surrounding landscape. Today we have thought to share a magical place with us, perfect to enjoy the phenomenon of "foliage", the effect of the first cold red leaves.

We are in the so-called "Umbrian Forest" on the Gargano promontory, within the Gargano National Park. A territory of rare beauty, a few kilometers from the villages of Vieste, Vico del Gargano and Monte Sant’Angelo.

Your path between autumn colors begins here, in this forest, which represents the residual strain of the ancient "Nemus Garganicum", which covers the entire promontory, and is one of the largest laziform formations in Italy, one of the largest in Europe. With an area of ​​approximately 10,500 hectares, the Umbra Forest occupies the northeastern part of the Gargano at an altitude that, from 832 meters above sea level to Monte Iacotenente, descends up to 165 meters above sea level in the Caritate area.

This extensive natural rug boasts a wide variety of trees, such as beech, oak, oak, maple and holm. Among them, a special mention goes to an ancient Leccio of Vico del Gargano, 50 meters high with a circumference of 5. It stands in front of a Franciscan convent and it seems that planting it was between Nicola da Vico, who died in 1719.

The ancient beech trees of the Umbra forest represent for us an even bigger pride: since 2017, they have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

By Redazione

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