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Stanghe Falls in South Tyrol: a natural treasure

Wednesday 08 may 2024

From the wonderful township of Sterzing, the Stanghe Falls are a hidden treasure in the Ratschings Valley, ready to leave anyone breathless

Stanghe Falls in South Tyrol: a natural treasure

Are you looking for an experience that will leave you breathless and allow you to connect with the natural world? Look no further: the Stanghe Waterfalls are waiting to give you an unforgettable experience. Come discover this hidden treasure of Racines and prepare to be enchanted by its beauty.

A journey into adventure

In the picturesque alpine region of Racines, in the heart of South Tyrol's magnificent mountains, lies a breathtaking natural treasure: the Stanghe Waterfalls. The rushing stream of water winds its way from Ponte Giovo in the Ratschings Valley toward Stanghe and offers an unforgettable experience for nature and adventure lovers. Located about 1,100 meters above sea level, the waterfalls are easily accessible from the city of Sterzing via a short drive along the scenic road through the valley.

Cascate di Stanghe

The beauty of the Cascades

Once there, it feels like entering a different world: wild and unspoiled, far from the crowded cities and beaten paths, pure nature dominates the landscape, with dense forests, towering peaks and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Of course, the Stanghe Falls are the most remarkable feature of the area: they consist of a series of streams rushing down a rocky cliff, creating an impressive spectacle of power and natural beauty. Looking to the right and left, towering stone walls stand out, and in between is the Rio Racines. In addition, the rocks are made of white marble, which, over time has been tinged with the most unthinkable shades of green. The crystal-clear water flows with elemental force through the gorge and finally ends in a 15-meter-high waterfall: An incredible natural spectacle, recommended for families, for young and old, for everyone who is passionate about nature.

The fascination of movement

The most impressive element of the Stanghe Falls is, of course, the water rushing rushing down the cliffs. The waterfalls split into a series of streams and hurl themselves into dizzying precipices, creating an atmosphere of power and beauty at the same time: The Rio Racines, a usually calm and inconspicuous stream, transforms into a current that could not better portray the elemental force of water.

Cascate di Stanghe

A sanctuary for wildlife

In a completely undisturbed natural region, one may indeed feel like an invader, but don't worry-this special place invites exploration via numerous well-marked hiking trails; bridges and platforms allow one to roam the gorge without disturbing the local wildlife. Because it is not only human eyes that marvel at this natural paradise: the wealth of natural habitats makes this region a place of great biodiversity. Which makes it all the more important to protect and preserve this precious ecosystem through sustainable measures and steps. This is the only way we can protect our region's greatest treasure: nature.

Cascate di Stanghe, acqua cristallina

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