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Lusérn on the Cimbrian Alps among Italy's Most Beautiful Villages: where the Cimbrian language is spoken

Wednesday 08 may 2024

Immerse yourself in the magic of Lusérn, jewel of the Cimbrian Alps and custodian of a cultural heritage that has spanned the millennia

Lusérn on the Cimbrian Alps among Italy's Most Beautiful Villages: where the Cimbrian language is spoken

Ph. Apt Alpe Cimbra

Lusérn, nestled on the Alpe Cimbra, is a little jewel set among the mountains of Trentino. This picturesque village boasts the title of one of Italy's Most Beautiful Villages, a well-deserved crown for a place where time and tradition come together in a mix of charm and timeless beauty.

The unchanged charm of the village

The air of Lusérn carries echoes of a remote past ennobled by a language, Cimbrian, that has sailed through the centuries. Cimbrian, an expression of medieval German culture, lives on thanks to this community, which makes it a bulwark and a source of pride, passing it on generation after generation.

The Cimbrian language is not just an idiom, but the mouthpiece of a unique culture that survives and flourishes within the ancient walls of this mountain resort.

Costumi tipici a Luserna
Ph. Apt Alpe Cimbra

Alpe Cimbra and its alpine villages

With its breathtaking landscapes and four beautiful villages-Folgaria, Lavarone, Lusérn, and Vigolana-the Alpe Cimbra does not fail to offer unrepeatable experiences to its visitors. This area is dotted with picturesque small alpine villages that are living witnesses to local history. One outstanding example is Guardia, known as the Painted Village, where the facades of houses are transformed into canvases for murals-a legacy of the mural art exhibitions that began in 1988. These murals make Guardia a veritable open-air art gallery, thanks to the contribution of prominent artists such as Cirillo Grott, whose work has created an unbreakable link with the cultural roots of the place. As many as thirty-five frescoes adorn the dwellings, narrating peasant traditions, mountain work and legends.

Guardia murales
Guardia - Ph. Apt Alpe Cimbra

In Lavarone, on the other hand, there is the ancient village of Bertoldi Veci, famous for the charming Christmas Market that comes to life among its ancient streets, at an altitude of 1,200 meters. In the Vigolana territories, particularly in the villages of Vigolo, Vattaro and Bosentino, one can admire historic buildings whose mountain architecture stands out for its unique features.

The mountain at the table: Flavors and fragrances of the Alpe

On the Alpe Cimbra, the bond with the land is also manifested through the mountains at the table. Here, gastronomic specialties become a journey through authentic and genuine flavors, recipes that tell stories of a time when every dish was a feast for the palate and the heart.

The ingredients of tradition

The Alpe Cimbra reserves for the palate a journey through authentic flavors and characteristic scents. The gastronomy of these areas knows how to stand out, thanks to typical products that encapsulate the taste of tradition. These include Vézzena cheese, the main ingredient in potato polenta, a local gastronomic specialty, where mashed potatoes, cooked with butter and finely chopped onion, are enriched with grated cheese and served with baked meats and plenty of gravy. The palate is further tickled by Tonco del Pontesel, a stew of mixed meats and fresh lucanica, linked to the history and customs of the area.

Among cured meats, Folgaretan speck proves to be a product of excellence, thanks to meticulous craftsmanship and smoking that enhance its flavor. No less delicious are Landjager and Krainer, sausages and meat-and-cheese specialties from the area that embody the pleasure of refined and original tastes.

The Germanic heritage of Cimbrian culture manifests itself in dishes such as Kaiserschmarren, crêpes with a soft and generous texture, often accompanied by blueberry jam.

A culinary art that goes above and beyond, using the gifts of the earth: apples, pears, cherries, small fruits, potatoes, vegetables, corn, chestnuts and honey are the protagonists of recipes that combine genuine flavors with the modernity of a cuisine that remains true to its roots.

These delights are offered to visitors in the restaurants, malghe and refuges located between Folgaria, Lavarone, Lusérn and Vigolana, representing a virtuous example of how the mountains can also be enjoyed at the table.

Piatti tradizionali dell'Alpe Cimbra
Ph. Apt Alpe Cimbra

Lusérn: A Timeless Journey

Lusérn is more than a tourist destination: it is a promise of peace and beauty, a place where the magic of the mountains and the warm hospitality of its people provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for nature, culture, or simple gastronomic pleasures, here you will find a world apart, where serenity rules unchallenged.

Costume tipico cimbro
Typical Cimbrian costume - Ph. Apt Alpe Cimbra

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