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These valleys taste good

Monday 08 may 2023

Val di Fiemme and Val di Cembra are territories that also know how to tell their story through typical local products of excellence. Find out what are the hidden treasures of the two valleys

These valleys taste good

Pg - Ph. F. Modica

The new project Tradizione e Gusto delle Valli di Fiemme e Cembra (Tradition and Taste of the Fiemme and Cembra Valleys) offers guests visiting this corner of Trentino typical local products of excellence: milk, butter, yogurt and cheeses that smell of flowering pastures and respect for farm animals, such as Puzzone di Moena DOP or Formae Val di Fiemme. Plus, goat cheeses, pasta with selected grains, speck, lucaniche, herbal teas, small fruits, vegetables, ancient legumes, jams, craft beer, the sparkling wines, grappas and mountain wines of the Cembra Valley.

Thanks to the advice of Michelin-starred chef Alessandro Gilmozzi, Tradizione e Gusto reveals the places of taste that guarantee a direct relationship with producers through a selection of realities that have dedicated their lives to the search for authentic flavors passed down through generations and atmospheres that restore the warmth of mountain life.

The Fiemme and Cembra Valleys are thus a territory that also knows how to tell its story through their products. They are a territory that values its roots and starts from them to build its future, telling and promoting the places of taste.

All this will translate into numerous events that will focus precisely on the local food and wine tradition. Some appointments are already scheduled: on July 1, on Alpe Cermis, the Fiemme Trekking Gourmet will be held, followed, in October, by the Wine Trekking Gourmet in Val di Cembra, routes in stages to discover the excellence of the territory. However, there will also be numerous other events to highlight the authentic flavors of the mountains.

But there is more, because in the Fiemme and Cembra valleys good flavors circulate with the Passport to Taste! The Passport to Taste invites all guests on a journey within a journey back to savor the nature of the Fiemme and Cembra Valleys. In fact, each dining establishment expresses its own identity, interpreting the traditions of the two valleys and favoring local and zero-mile products. Exploring their menus is comparable to a journey from state to state. The Passport to Taste suggests all the places of taste in the two valleys, and in the final pages you collect the stamps collected from each restaurant you visit.

We invite you to discover all the hidden treasures of the Fiemme and Cembra valleys also online, on the page dedicated to Tradition & Taste on the website

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