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Arnosto, the fairytale village that wants to become a splendid tourist reality

Sunday 31 march 2019

At the foot of the Orobic Alps there is a small stone village that by next year will become a center of cultural animation and promotion

Arnosto, the fairytale village that wants to become a splendid tourist reality

On the slopes of the Orobic Alps, at about a thousand meters above sea level, there is a tiny mountain village that perhaps few know but soon many will know because such a characteristic village certainly cannot go unnoticed. So much so that, recently, the local administration has promoted some initiatives to enhance the cultural and tourist aspect of this small town in Valle Imagna, in the Bergamo area. We are talking about Arnosto, part of the municipality of Fuipiano Valle Imagna, whose origins date back to the 14th century: until 1797 it was the seat of the Venetian Customs, which represented the border between the duchy of Milan and the Serenissima.

Arnosto keeps intact the stone walls that at first sight characterize the various houses, arranged uphill next to each other, with their roofs made up of large slabs of limestone. It seems to be in the land of fairy tales, also because the atmosphere here is as enchanted and suspended in time. In recent years, tourists visiting Arnosto have significantly increased, so the Valle Imagna Study Center has decided to relaunch the ancient village of Arnosto, which by next year will become a center of cultural animation and tourism promotion.

The Valle Imagna Study Center, in collaboration with the Municipality and the Imagna Valley Mountain Community, is working on the Berghemhaus project ("Casa dei Bergamini"), which provides for the restyling of the inner rooms of the Town Hall, the library and the museum, in order to make them multi-functional and able to host lunches, food and wine tastings, meetings and a wide photographic and multimedia exhibition that will tell the story of the village.

«The Berghemhaus project in Arnosto - explained the commissioner of Fuipiano, Sonia Rota - intends to support a great challenge for the future, showing that it is still possible to live in the mountains, live in old stone houses and offer spaces perceived as" home common "of exchange of ideas and abilities, promoting and enhancing the various aspects of local culture and territorial identity, stimulating processes of raising awareness of the context with historical and social references».

If you are on a trip in the Orobic Alps, stop at Arnosto: the fairytale village will open the doors of its centuries-old traditions.


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