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The 5 most beautiful villages of Lake Como

Saturday 19 june 2021

An itinerary that will accompany you to discover five of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in one of the most romantic and suggestive destinations of our Belpaese: the Como Lake.

The 5 most beautiful villages of Lake Como

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The Como Lake is located in Lombardy and is the third largest lake in Italy. It is known for its unusual form of inverted "Y" and became famous thanks to I promessi sposi by Alessandro Manzoni, the most famous and most read historical novel among those written in Italian, which has the power to project the reader into a fantastic scenery, as recalled by this famous incipit: "That branch of the Como Lake, which turns at noon, between two unbroken chains of mountains, all with breasts and gulfs ..."

Villages on Lake Como

It is an elegant and fairytale place, surrounded by the high prealpine peaks, like a precious treasure protected by an impenetrable treasure chest, dotted with marvelous authentic villages rich in history and wonder, perfect destinations for those seeking relaxation and romance without renouncing culture. Then prepare the trolley and blindfold the eyes of your soul mate with a red silk scarf, because you are starting to discover the five most beautiful villages of the Como Lake.


Cernobbio is an elegant village that stretches over the foot of Mount Bisbino, near Como. Piazza del Risorgimento, the famous historical center, is all a belvedere overlooking the water, with a suggestive walk along the lakefront. Nearby you will find countless sumptuous villas such as Villa Erba, residence where Visconti once stayed, Villa d'Este, which has become the most luxurious hotel in Cernobbio, and then again Villa Bernasconi and Villa Pizzo that will nourish your holiday experience with intense flavors of far and magnificent eras.


Bellagio is a charming village that triumphs magnificently on the tip of the promontory that separates the two branches of Lake Como. It protrudes over the water in a verdant land, quilted by oaks, beeches and firs. It is rich in fabulous ancient churches, charming stone stairways, narrow streets, charming alleys and colorful villas that make the village a seductive and unique destination for those seeking a romantic and unforgettable stay.

watch our exclusive video on the villages of Lake Como


Varenna, once a fishing village, is a small ancient village with humble origins, located at the beginning of the Lecco branch. Characterized by its houses with brightly colored facades, in Varenna it is possible to walk along the romantic promenade along the lakeside until reaching the fantastic Vezio Castle, inhabited by its suggestive gypsum ghosts that scan the ripples of the waters from the breezy height. in the company of the hawks that reign unopposed that portion of the sky.


At the beginning of the Valle Intelvi, at 210 meters high, rises Argegno, a characteristic medieval village, divided into two parts by the placid flow of the river Telo. Its historic center, as well as being known to lovers of the mountains and nature, enjoys several sites of historical interest with undisputed charm and is surrounded by picturesque houses perched above the lake mirror.


Last, but not least, we find the village of Tremezzo that offers a memorable glimpse of Lake Como and that makes it a mandatory destination. In addition to its natural heritage, Tremezzo abounds in architectural works of value and character, such as Villa Carlotta, the church of San Lorenzo and Villa La Quiete della la Gioconda. One of the goals that delineate the most authentic and meaningful expression of the most beautiful villages of the Como Lake.

Of art, beauty and splendor the waters and shores of Lake Como are lush, you just have to book a stay and live this exceptional fairytale experience.

watch our exclusive video on the villages of Lake Como

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