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Ancona: a day through sea and hills

Thursday 01 june 2017

The picturesque village of Sirolo, overlooking one of the most beautiful stretches of sea of the Adriatic coast, the view over the Mount Conero, the suggestive underground Camerano and a good glass of Rosso Conero

Ancona: a day through sea and hills

The picturesque village of Sirolo, overlooking one of the most beautiful stretches of sea of the Adriatic coast, the view over the Mount Conero, the suggestive underground Camerano and a good glass of Rosso Conero.

In particularly clear days, you can glimpse the Croatian coast. The picturesque village of Sirolo gives the extraordinary pleasure of such a view. Situated in the south of Conero’s slopes, it overlooks one of the most beautiful and spectacular stretches of the Adriatic Sea. A winding path between great views over deep blue sea and Mediterranean vegetation brings us from Ancona to Sirolo. Just after arriving at the village we are fascinated by the splendid view on the Conero that, like a huge boulder covered in vegetation, is immersed in deep blue waters, giving us one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Adriatic coast.

Borgo di Sirolo

If you visit the village, you cannot miss the seventeenth-century Baroque church of the S.S. Rosario, next to the Gothic Arch, the southern entrance of the centre, the eighteenth-century church of San Nicola di Bari, where you can admire ancient figurative works, a pipe organ of the XVIII century and an interesting wooden crucifix of the XV century. The medieval atmosphere comes with us also along the characteristic workshops where you can allow yourself a little shopping. You can have lunch with a seafood appetizer and a savoury fish grill combined with a good Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, a DOCG wine from the Marche. After leaving behind the good drinks on the Adriatic Sea, in the early afternoon we enter the road towards the hinterland. The destination is the centre of Camerano, situated just a few km away from the sea among gentle hills covered in vineyards that are rich in grapes; from these grapes derives one of the most full-bodied and structured wines of the Marche region, the Rosso Conero. You can see Camerano perched on a hillock, in a dominant position on the area. Artistic and cultural centre, with its prehistoric origins and the history related to Picentes and Romans, it was the seat of important monasteries. Instead, the industrial development marks its recent history for the production of accordions and shirts, which brought it into the national and international limelight. If you visit its old town centre, among religious and public buildings, then you cannot miss the underground visit, an extraordinary and unmissable peculiarity. A thick network of tunnels of the ancient part, dug in the subsoil, gave life to a real underground city with a labyrinth style, as a result of human interventions for numerous centuries. This succession of environments originate a mysterious and almost fantastic place, suspended between history and legend. The points of interest of the underground itinerary are various. From the Ricotti cave, the church composed of a rectangular plan nave and a small crypt with an hexagonal plan, to the Corraducci one, which was named after an ancient and local noble family, one of the most wide complexes of the network; then we have the Manciforte cave, with great tunnels and a widened part, and the Trionfi one, particularly interesting for the architectonic aspect and low relief decorations.

After the enchantment of the underground Camerano, you absolutely have to dine in one of the restaurants of the old town centre, with a tasty meat grill to match a good bottle of Rosso Conero, DOC wine of the Ancona province with a strongly fruity taste. Then we return to Ancona, still with the alleys, the views on Sirolo’s sea and the suggestive twist of tunnels of Camerano in our eyes.


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