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Grappa 708 km

Cembrani D.O.C.

Grappa 708 km  - Cembrani D.O.C.

NAME: Grappa 708km -  Grappa trentina

GRAPE: Schiava e Müller Thurgau pomace

VINEYARDS: Grappa 708 km is a soft grappa from mixed marc from Schiava and Müller Thurgau produced in the Cembra Valley, a terraced landscape bathed in sunshine for most of the year. This grappa was created to celebrate the two varieties principles of the territory and summarize in one product the aroma, the intensity and elegance of their fruit pomace.

DISTILLATION METHOD: alembic discontinuous steam-fired waterbath and alembic baskets

AGING: in stainless steel  


TASTING NOTES: grappa from the complex fragrance, semiaromatic, rich in floral shades, from lime aromas, over time evolve into quite ripe aromas almost nutty, tobacco and honey to reach maturity forwarded chocolate hints: pleasing because varied and not monotonous, excellent finesse and fragrance. The taste is rightly balanced and a slight burning sensation on the tongue is only the absolute index of the absence of sugar. Good persistence, leaving an aftertaste with yet ripe floral notes.

NOTE: 708km Grappa is the result of the distillation of the grapes used for the production of "708 km Cembrani Bianco" and "708 km Cembrani Rosso", representing the ambassadors of excellence in the area of the Cembra Valley and its unique climatic peculiarities. At the Valle di Cembra and its estimated 708 km of dry stone walls are dedicated these productions.

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