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Chopped Pure Black Truffle

Faraglia - Torrefazione Olimpica

Chopped Pure Black Truffle - Faraglia - Torrefazione Olimpica

Free of preservatives, dyes and additives.
Victia truffle mince also called "Pure Truffle" contains no preservatives or colouring agents, is gluten-free and easy to use.

Pure is composed only of the finest part of our truffles. A ground truffle heart, to which only Italian extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper are added. A high-quality product that keeps for a long time and preserves the flavour of freshly harvested truffles.

Unlike industrial truffle sauces, which contain low percentages of raw material, our mince will let you fully enjoy the flavour of the truffle. An excellent sauce, ideal for cooking.

How to use the truffle mince? To fully enjoy the flavour of Victia Truffle Sauce, it is best to heat it on a low flame combined with olive oil, wine or lemon. This way you will get a perfect seasoning to use on the most varied dishes.

Ingredients: Italian extra virgin olive oil (36%) - Black summer truffle (62.5%) - Tuber Aestivum vitt. 50g - Salt

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