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Dolce Terminillo - Giro dell'Anello Faraglia 500g

Faraglia - Torrefazione Olimpica

Dolce Terminillo - Giro dell'Anello Faraglia 500g - Faraglia - Torrefazione Olimpica

The Dolce Terminillo* in the Dolce Giro dell'Anello* version is a small pastry masterpiece. Mount Terminillo, also known as the "Mountain of Rome", has always been synonymous with Nature and Sport, and this cake is lightness and authentic flavours, made for Faraglia by leading companies in the sector in terms of quality and authenticity, with a touch of exclusivity, the result of our research and development laboratories.

It is a very delicate "Pandorato" cake, with little sugar, the dough is soft with a pleasant scent of bourbon vanilla bean. If desired, it can be dusted with a layer of vanilla sugar. It goes perfectly with Faraglia spreads.

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The production is very limited, all stages of the process are carried out by hand from creation to packaging and with the help of technologically advanced machinery.

The ingredients are very few and carefully selected, all Faraglia sweets are made with the idea of a CLEAN LABEL. For Faraglia, innovating in the food sector means using a few selected raw materials without colouring or preservatives.

Net weight: 500g

Sachet of vanilla sugar included.

* The name Dolce Terminillo and Dolce Giro dell'Anello are registered trademarks owned by FARAGLIA, All Rights Reserved.

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