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Fiocco di Prosciutto "Il Cortigiano"

La Rocca Delicatessen

Fiocco di Prosciutto

Also called Fiocco di Culatello, comes from the same thigh of national pig from which it comes also the Culatello (from here the name). Is the walnut of smaller meat at the side of the femur. After trimming occurs a dry salting with salt and spices. After a first phase of rest in elastic net, it proceeds to the traditional tying by hand, which gives the typical oval appearance. Follows the slow maturation which lasts for at least six months in humid environments and fresh, but the aging could safely get to the year for the biggest pieces.

The raw material used is the fresh national pig thigh of large dimensions.

It doesn't contain gluten, nor milk derivatives. All ingredients are free of allergens and does not come from GMOS.

Its flavor is sweet and savory, very much similar to the Culatello and its hints of dried fruit, intense and spicy aroma with scents of the long aging.

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