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La Rocca Delicatessen: Culatta

La Rocca Delicatessen

Some calls it breech, culaccia, who Culatello with Cotenna. In fact, the Culaccia "Il Mandolino" comes from the same part of the Culatello: the most valuable part of the ham. The difference lies in the fact that is left with two fingers of grease under its natural rind and with its hip, a small bone in the form of a shell, which serves to protect the product in the long aging. It is worked as if it were a ham and at the end, after more than a year of aging, it is sweet and rich in aromas.

The raw material used is the fresh national Pork thigh of large dimension.

It doesn't contain gluten, nor milk derivatives. All ingredients are free of allergens and does not come from GMOS.

Its flavor is sweet and juicy, with hints of butter and dried fruit, intense and spicy aroma, with scents of hazelnut.

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