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Puzzone di Moena D.O.P.

Predazzo and Moena Social Dairy

Puzzone di Moena D.O.P. - Predazzo and Moena Social Dairy

Puzzone di Moena DOP is the king of cheeses in the Dolomites. Washed rind processing gives this cheese unique and unmistakable aromatic notes. If it has pungent and sharp notes on the nose, it expresses itself in the mouth with pleasant aromas of butter and mountain hay.

Price: €14,90

  • Restaurant
  • Traditional cuisine
  • Consortium
  • Tasting
  • Suitable for disabled people
  • Meats and cold cuts
  • cheese and milk
  • Air conditioning
  • Gourmet ingredients
  • Wine, beers and liquors
  • Ice cream
  • Guided tours
  • Free parking

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Puzzone di Moena D.O.P. Seasoned
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