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Medieval Civitas in Dozza: a journey through time a stone's throw from Bologna

Saturday 29 february 2020

Not to be missed, at the beginning of March the village of Dozza will host the picturesque Medieval Civitas event.

Medieval Civitas in Dozza: a journey through time a stone's throw from Bologna

Dozza is a pretty medieval village located halfway between Bologna and Imola: if you love the Middle Ages then don't hesitate to reach it in March when Dozza will host the picturesque Medieval Civitas event.

Medieval Civitas of Dozza
The Middle Ages is one of the most fascinating historical periods between castles and armigers on horseback, ladies and Templars in search of the Holy Grail, witch hunts and beliefs on the edge of magic.
It is therefore not surprising that the pretty village of Dozza has been dedicating a festival to the Middle Ages for four years which translates into a true historical re-enactment of the 14th century. The Medieval Civitas festival takes place on 7 and 8 March and cheers with demonstrations and treasure hunts for young and old with a passion for the Middle Ages.
Medieval Civitas takes place precisely in the Rocca Sforzesca di Dozza and if you want to attend the activities and installations organized by the "Associazione Civitas Alidosiana", you will have to buy the ticket at a cost of € 5 (minors under eighteen enter for free).
During the Medieval Civitas you will be literally catapulted back in time, because the installations will not be placed outdoors but inside the Rocca di Dozza, effectively creating an ancient micro-world to be experienced and discovered.

Rocca Sforzesca

Saturday and Sunday morning events
On Saturday 7th you can get a taste of the event: at 16.00 the exhibition "From the thread to the dress: textile production in the XIV" and the Round Table with the relative demonstrations take place.
On Sunday instead Civitas Medievale will keep you busy from morning until afternoon, with the first event at 11:00 when the puppet show will be staged by Niedertor Mit Gefolge entitled "Tristan and Isolde".
At 11:30 you can participate in the visits of the "Textile production chain": during this path, accompanied by expert guides of work in the Middle Ages, you can attend activities ranging from silk spinning to tailoring, from the stamping of fabrics up to dyeing, using period tools such as spindle, late medieval fortress and spinning machine.
At 12:30 the demonstration of the ancient distillation will take place while at 14:00 the "Textile production chain" is repeated for all those who missed the morning guided tour.

The appointments on Sunday afternoon
The early afternoon will open at 15:00 with the fascinating demonstration of cheese production. Followed by the replica at 15:30 of the puppet show "Tristano e Isotta" and the goldsmith's demonstration at 16:00.
The Medieval Civitas event ends once again with the "Textile production chain", one of the key activities of the fourth edition of the event in 2020.
When you find yourself in the Rocca Sforzesca to participate in the event, you will find yourself in front of figures who, in their costumes and attitudes, revive ancient tradesmen.
There will be the Speziale Diotaiuti, staged following the original records where credits and expenses were noted: you must know that the apothecary was one of the most profitable trades and was involved in preparing drugs, herbs, inks and perfumes. Do you think that in Florence there was a guild dedicated to apothecaries to which people such as Dante, Paolo Uccello and Giotto joined.
There will be the leatherman, the tailor, the goldsmith, the notary, the carpenter, the producer of spirits and wines, the cooks, the manufacturer of bone nuts and many others that you will discover inside the Rocca.

Strolling around the Rocca Sforzesca
The Medieval Civitas event is the perfect opportunity to get to know the monument that houses it, or the Rocca di Dozza, the symbol of the village: the current appearance is mainly due to Caterina Sforza, who in the XII century ordered the construction of the Torrione Maggiore and the city walls. From the 16th century, the Rocca became the residence of the Bolognese families of the Campeggi and Malvezzi families, whose furnishings still adorn the rooms of the fortress, from spool armchairs to mirrors, from chests to massive chests of drawers.
Crossing the drawbridge, you will find yourself in the courtyard with a double loggia and from here you can reach rooms such as the kitchen full of sixteenth-century utensils, the Sala Maggiore with portraits and a seventeenth-century silk and wool tapestry, the Red Room with coffered ceiling and gilded mirror dating back to the 19th century and the Sala d'Armi with a period wrought iron chandelier. You will not struggle to find the Torture Chamber with its disturbing tools and the adjacent prisons where you can read the writings left by the prisoners.
Do not forget to reach the basements that house a well-equipped wine shop where you can taste the excellent wines of the Emilia Romagna region: remember that Dozza is located on the Strada dei Vini e Sapori dei Colli d'Imola.

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